‘Natives’ – Xtatic (Feat. Fancy Fingers, Kahi, Poet Teardrops, Fadhilee Ituliya)

xtatic let me explainIn September 2012, JUSI I LOVE introduced to you, a rising Kenyan Hip Hop artist called Xtatic. The young artist has since then developed her artistry. In her recently mixtape ‘Let Me Explain‘, you can listen to the fruits of this hard work. I would like to share with you the amazing track ‘Natives‘, which features Fancy Fingers, Kahi, Poet Teardrops and Fadhilee Ituliya. It’s an anthem that vibrates through Xtatic’s pride about her African roots.

You can listen to the mixtape in its entirety below. Okayfrica just premiered the video for ‘Let Me Explain’.

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‘Photosentences’ – Mutombo da Poet

mutombo da poetPercy Osei Appiah alias Mutombo Da Poet protests, jokes, sings, draws pictures with his words, talks about politics, love, Accra, trotros and ensures us that things will ‘Get Better‘. The young poet is a popular artist in the Ghanaian spoken word scene, who has began to do international shows. In 2012, he released his debut LP ‘Photosentences‘, packed with inspiring pieces of spoken word/ poetry.

In the angry ‘Parade‘, an open letter to all Ghanaians, he airs his frustration about Ghanaians’ politicians and shows his sympathies for the anti-governmental Occupy Flagstaff House movement. It is nice to see that the young poet adds melody to his spoken word:  In his sweet and melodious piece about love – called Love.The Most Confusing Thing I Had To Explain. Never Doing It Again… Chale‘ – he proofs his singing qualities and also the piece ‘SociallyYou‘ is embedded in jazzy Hip Hop beats. In ‘Ten Regions‘ he takes us through a audio-tour through Ghana and his hopeful ‘Get Better‘ reminds us to see the positive things in life.

Listen below to some selected tracks from his soundcloud and his LP ‘Photosentences‘ via bandcamp, where you can get the album for a sum of your choice.

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‘Feels So Good’ & ‘You Make My Heart Go’ – Maleh

maleh you make my heart go2Lesotho-born, South African-based songstress Maleh (alias Malehloka Hlalele) has won our attention after her excellent debut LP ‘Stepchild‘ with the amazing jazzy tune ‘Chimsoro‘, picked by JUSI I LOVE as one of the Best 20 songs in 2013 from Africa. In December last year she dropped her new album called ‘You Make My Heart Go‘, which led to nominations for the popular South African Music Awards: Best Female Artist of the Year & Best African Adult Album.

Listen to two soulful tunes from the album ‘Feel So Good‘ and ‘You Make My Heart Go‘. For the latter one she even dropped a video recently.

  Maleh  *-*  ‘You Make My Heart Go

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‘Matatya’ – Monoswezi



matatya6Mark the date in your calendar. On the 26th of May Monoswezi (‘Ndinewe‘) will release their sophomore album ‘Monoswezi Yanga‘ via Riverboat/ World Music Network. The Scandinavian/African ensemble rose to popularity within a few weeks after the release of their debut album ‘The Village‘, which reached #2 on JUSI I LOVE’s list for 10 Best albums in 2013. The name of the band consists of the words ‘Mono‘ (Greek = ‘one’) and ‘Swezi‘ (native language in Southern Africa = ‘world’). Just as the name reflects different backgrounds, their sound continues to melt together voices and instruments, ‘traditionally’ rooted in specific places and put together in new places – for new purposes.

The video for the wonderful track ‘Matatya‘ was directed in Malaysia by Afiq Zulkefli. The song starts slowly and at some point the warm and gentle voice of Hope Masike (‘Huyai Tinamate‘) picks us up and takes us to a tour to the sound of Monoswezi.

  Monoswezi  *-*  ‘Matatya

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‘Malukayi’ & ‘Kala’ – Mbongwana Star

Mbongwana StarHere comes a new band from Kinshasa (DRC) with a revolutionary sound that makes the term ‘genre’ obsolete. The Mbongwana Star (Mbongwana means ‘Change’ in Lingala) fuse Funk, Rock and Congolese sounds not minding any musical borders or limits. Their first released track ‘Malukayi‘ – which feautres Konono No.1 –  is an ever vibrating melange of electronic melodies, drum beats, guitar riffs and Lingala chants.

The b&w-video for the tune paced tune ‘Kala‘, shot on Kinshasa’s streets, is an excellent visualization of Mbongwana Star’s sound. The tune surprises with an incredible speed and continuous changes.

You can purchase the single ‘Malukayi‘ via World Circuit. Their debut album ‘1.000.000 C’est quoi?’ will be released this coming May and they will tour in the Netherlands, Belgium and France in April/ May (Tour dates).

Mbongwana Star  *-*  ‘Kala

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