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News from Nigeria

News from Nigeria, na true …


Okayafrica – Africa in your Earbuds #19

Okayafrica dropped the 19th edition of its dope “Africa in your Earbuds”-Series. #19 was engineered by the in Belgium born/Kinshasa raised/ Harare residing artist Alec Lomami, who is about to release his LP this May. When you want to read more about the global nomad Alec Lomami and why he spent nine months of his life in immigration cell, continue here…

#19 AIYE … yet another nice trip through modern musical Africa. Alec Lomami reserves some space for his fellow Congolese (in the diaspora), like Baloji, Youssoupha, Bana C4 or his cousin Well$.

Here the tracklist:

1.DRC Music feat Bokatola System – Departure DRC
2. Amadou & Miriam – M’bifé blues – Mali
3. Mamou Sidibe – Bakoye – Mali
4. Petite Noir – Till we Ghost – DRC/SA
5. Chief Boima feat Sori Kondi – Without No Money No Family– Sierra Leone
6. Azekel – New-Ish – Nigeria/UK
7. Sam – Marijuana – DRC
8. Youssoupha feat Tabu Ley Rochereau – Les Disques de Mon Pere – DRC/FR
9. Well$ – XX – USA/DRC
10. Dirty Paraffin – Drip dry – SA
11. Alec Lomami Feat Well$ – Pop Revolution – DRC
12. Mr. OK Feat Larose – Yaya – Haiti
13. Rimer London Feat Cata Pirata – Love Dagger – SA/Netherland
14. Anbuley – Hesisinumo’ – Ghana/Austria
15. Seye – White Noise – Nigeria/UK
16. Davido – Dami Duro – Nigeria
17. Bana C4 – Ca Donga (part 2) – DRC
18. The Very Best feat Baloji – Super Mom – Malawi/DRC
19. Stromae – Alors on Danse – Rwanda/Belgium

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Mixtape Classic “The Messengers”

The second last post, about K’Naan’s contribution to the Amnesty International LP, reminded me on the Mixtape K’Naan did with J.Period: The Messengers“. In this project, J.Period re-mixed classic music songs of three musical legends: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. K’Naan contributed with vocals … as a singer and story-teller. In this project K’Kaan proved how multi-faced his voice is, singing to Afrobeat-, Folk-, and Reggae-Tunes. What I love about this mixtape is that it makes you feel the social consciousness of these three musical masterminds … and how they all used their music as a weapon. What a powerful one …

You can download the Mixtpape for free.

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DJ Universe released a nice mixtape with South African Kwaito and House tracks. Enjoy and download it for free :). Ayooooba!

Btw very nice artwork!

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

(h/t Lastplanetolagos)


‘With God On Our Side’ – K’Naan (Bob Dylan Cover)

chimesoffreedom_hires_logo[1]In the framework of its 50 years anniversary Amnesty International released a CD with 76 Bob Dylan songs, covered by many different artists. K’Naan, who gained experience in covering Bob Dylan songs through a J.Period-Project, was also one of them. He covered “With God On Our Side” and re-wrote the lyrics so that they fit the Somali context:

“Oh the Spanish-American         “Now Somali-American    
War had its day                            War had its day
And the Civil War too                  and the civil war too
Was soon laid away                     was soon laid away
And the names of the heroes      and the names of our war lords
I’s made to memorize                   I was made to memorize
With guns in their hands            with guns in their hands they said
And God on their side.”               god’s on their side


K’Naan  *-*  “With God On Our Side

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