3 Inspirational Songs from Naija

After having posted about Aduke’s Occupy Nigeria song some days ago, here are three other great songs from Naija in which artists raise political and social issues. Socio-political themes have always been part of African Hip hop and in the next weeks I will present some other inspiring examples, from Kenya, DRC and Senegal … watch the space.

eLDee‘s song ‘One Day‘ Nigerian is like a manifesto of Nigerian youths in which they show their demands. In his very energetic piece ‘Clean up NaijaEedris Abdulkareem asks Nigerians to clean up their country from violence and corrupt mentality. And finally, Mr. O‘s melodious song ‘Najia Go Better‘. The message from all three songs: “One Day/ Clean up Najia/ Naija go Better

They really don’t care
and we don’t neither
we’d rather just chill
and watch them deceive us
trust in God,
that’s what they teach us
to idolize leaders, ballers, preachers”

– eLDee ‘One Day

eLDee  *-*  ‘One Day

Eedris Abdulkareem  *-*  ‘Clean up Naija‘ 

Here you can listen to and download Mr. O’s ‘Naija Go Better‘ (Feat. Ope & Big T)

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