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Video for LV’s ‘Uthanda Lwakha’ out (Feat. The Ruffest)

The video for ‘Sebenza‘ was the first visualization of a track taken from their LP-project ‘Sebenza‘ in which the London-based trio LV worked together with South African artists Okmalumkoolkat, Spoek Mathambo and Max and Sello (Ruffest). They have now produced a video for the song ‘Uthanda Lwakha‘, in which the Cape Townian duo The Ruffest deliver some Xhosa rap on ’80s pop beats.

LV  *-*  ‘Uthanda Lwakha‘ (Feat. The Ruffest)

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E.L. releases video for ‘Kaalu’

This video is one of the best videos so far produced in 2012. EL drops the visuals for his Azonto tune ‘Kaalu‘ and surprises us with an fusion of Japanese and Chinese culture with Ghanaian Azonto music. Is it because of the Chinese’ growing influence in Africa or the Azonto influence on Asian immigrants in Ghana? We don’t know. The video actually starts with EL bashing a bourgeois festivity (reminds us on Wiz kid‘s ‘Pakurumo‘) and bringing some Azonto into the place which eventually makes everybody dancing.

The concept of the video was written by BBnZ Live and the video itself was directed by Pascal Aka. Great job!

Azonto is NOT dead

E.L.  *-*  ‘Kaalu


‘Iinkomo Beatbox Remix’ – The Soil (Feat. Zakwe)

The incredibly soulful acapella trio The Soil is getting more and more popular. Their self-titled album ‘The Soil’ has now reached Gold status after more than 20 000 copies of the album have been sold. Again, they have announced that they will perform at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York in 2013 before touring the United States.

Recently they have released their first music video by visualizing their piece ‘Ionkomo Beatbox Remix’ which features South African rapper Zakwe. It’s a beautiful video in which you can see the three band members and Zakwe sitting in front of a movie screen in a cinema, watching a movie in which a young man tries to reach his dream girl. But there is only one (huge) barrier: Her father and this mister does not value character but number$. Watch the video to see how the story ends:

An entertaining, funny and love-ly video. Simply beautiful! We yearn for more videos from The Soil.

(Note: If the video is blocked in your country please install Youtube Unblocker to unblock the video. You can then watch the video on youtube. If THIS doesn’t work, please comment. We will find a solution.)

The Soil  *-*  ‘Iinkomo Beatbox Remix‘ (Feat. Zakwe)

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Petite Noir drops video for ‘Pressure’

The founder of the Noir Wave genre, Congolese artist Petite Noir, just dropped this video for his new track ‘Pressure‘. The black and white video looks like the visual manifestation of his ‘dark’ sound, directed by Ben Johnson.

In the description of the video the song is described as “a unique concoction of influences, seamlessly fusing intricate contemporary electronics with his stirring, soulful vocal and African shuffles that echo his homeland.

Petite Noir  *-*  ‘Pressure

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Hope Masike’s Home Coming Concert

After having taught African music in Norway at the Kultureskole i Fredrikstad in 2011, Hope Masike toured Europe and during her stay in Europe she produced her second album ‘Mbira. Love and Chocolate‘.

Now Hope Masike is coming back to her home country Zimbabwe. Her Home Coming concert will take place at the Mbira Center in Harare tomorrow at @ 7:30pm! If you’re in Harare do not miss this unique concert! See below the video for her song ‘Tioneo Shewe’.

Hope Masike  *-*  ‘Tioneo Shewe

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