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Just A Band releases third album ‘Sorry For The delay’

When Just A Band confronted Kenyan media houses with their futuristic music some years ago they were told they were “too far ahead, like five years ahead“. They decided to use the internet to spread their music and videos. That’s how the world was able to listen to the tunes of ‘Scratch To Reveal‘ and ‘82‘ (their previous two albums) and watch the brilliant videos for their songs ‘Usinibore‘, ‘Ha-He‘ or ‘Hey!‘. Before I start philosophing about the impossibility to categorize their music, let’s just agree that one can hear many many influences on the new album (Electro, Funk, Jazz, House, Blues, Soul etc). Just A Band were already invited to perform in Berlin and New York but ‘Sorry For The Delay‘ may pave the way for their final breakthrough and provide them with the international attention they deserve. 4 days after its release the album was already the 5th best selling album on bandcamp.

My personal highlights: ‘Life Of The Party’, ‘Dunia Ina Mambo’, ‘Probably For Lovers’, ‘Doot Doot’, ‘Another Chance’, ‘Bush Baby People’, ‘A While’

As much as the band’s music is rooted in Kenya, the branches of their music reach for stars and distant places. With ‘Sorry For The Delay‘ Just A Band once again produced great music for a global audience. Simply, one of the best albums released this year.

Stream/ buy the album via bandcamp:


Introducing: Amira Kheir

It is hard not to fall in love with Amira Kheir’s music. After I have introduced you to Sudanese Soul music by Alsarah some weeks ago, I would like to present you now Sudanese Jazz music created by the young Italian-Sudanese artist Amira Kheir. Born in Italy to Sudanese parents and raised partly in Italy and Sudan her music has an interesting multicultural coloration. As a child she used to listen to Sudanese music that her parents played at home but also to other artists like Miriam Makeba, Bob Dylan or Sam Cooke. Her music mirrors this mix of influences. Amira Kheir blends Jazz, Soul, East and West African as well as music from the Middle East.

Speaking about her 2011 released debut album ‘View From Somewhereshe says:

“With respect to my album it has been such a discovery to create music in this place, which exists in between places. This place, which once was just imagination now exists and is validated by that which is created in it. And that’s the beauty of music – it allows us to give life to things that cannot be marred by definition or order.” (Source: Flyglobalmusic)


Listen here to two of her tracks from her album:Ahel Allel‘, ‘Shoft Alnur’ and ‘Disposable World (Modern World)’


Wetin dey happen?! #8

Recently I have not updated you on wetin dey happen?! Here are three nice and danceable tracks from three different countries. First, a fresh track from the Zambian group Zone Fam titled ‘Contolola‘ which is being shared wildly on Facebook right now. The second video comes from France: ‘Nalingi Ye‘ is a lovely Afrosoul track with a catchy refrain, performed by the group Anges d’Afrik. And the third track ‘Bounce‘ comes from Ghana and is yet another Azonto track, performed by Old Sodja and Guru.

Zone Fam  *-*  ‘Contolola

Anges d’Afrik  *-*  ‘Nalingi Ye

Old Sodja  *-*  ‘Bounce‘ (Feat. Guru)

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‘Desert Blues – Un Voyage Musical au Coeur du Mali’ – Michel Jaffrennou

In 2007 Michel Jaffrennou produced the documentary ‘Desert Blues – Un Voyage Musical au Coeur du Mali‘. Due to the current developments in Northern Mali this movie could not find more relevance today. The movie takes us on a trip from Bamako to Tombouctou and presents us the culture and music of the Bambara, Songhai and Touareg people. It features the great Malian artists Habib Koité, Afel Bocoum and the group Tartit and reminds us once more about the imaginably rich musical tradition that Mali has.

Below you can watch the documentary in french. Please click here to watch it with English subtitle.

Michel Jaffrennou  *-*  ‘Desert Blues – Un Voyage Musical au Coeur du Mali

(Click here to watch the documentary with English subtitle)

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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) performs Fela’s ‘Water No Get Enemy’

On the 15th October Fela Kuti fans commemorated the birthday for the godfather of Afrobeat. One of these ‘Felabrations‘ took also place in Chicago and there it included a live appearance of Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) who dropped verses on Fela’s famous song ‘Water No Get Enemy‘, which was performed by the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Yasiin Bey took his rhymes from his piece ‘New World Water‘. Unfortunately, the quality of the recording is not that good but I guess we can clearly feel the vibe.

Check below the ‘Felabration’-performance as well as the original by Fela Kuti:

Yasiin Bey + Hypnotic Brass Ensemble  *-*  ‘Water No Get Enemy / New World Water’

Fela Kuti  *-*  ‘Water No Get Enemy

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