Azonto is taking over the globe

Currently Azonto is surely the most successful cultural asset being exported from Ghana. Fuse ODG’s call for self-made Azonto dance movies for his track ‘Antenna‘ initiated a wave of inspiring videos from different places around the world. Newcomer video entries come from UK, USA, Switzerland and France. There you can see the Azonto dance invading a fast-food restaurant, a place near the Tour Eiffel or the main train station in Bern (Switzerland). The competition ends on the 1st November. I will inform you about new entries.

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Antenna‘ (Video entry from UK)

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Antenna‘ (Video entry from USA)

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Antenna‘ (Video entry from Bern, Switzerland)

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Antenna‘ (Video entry from Paris, France)

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One thought on “Azonto is taking over the globe

  1. […] 3rd 2013 While Kuduro dancers have started performing in the USA and Ghanaian Azonto is still busy spreading on a global scale, there is another dance culture from the African continent which has proven […]

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