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Classic: ‘Ah Ndiya’ – Oumou Sangaré

When Malian singer Oumou Sangaré recorded ‘Ah Ndiya‘ in 1989 in Abidjan, she was just 21 years old. The song was part of the album ‘Moussolou‘ (Women) which was sold 200.000 times and paved the way for a great international career. Many of her songs address the social and political role of women in the Malian society and in this particular song she condemns arranged marriages.


Oumou Sangaré  *-*  ‘Ah Ndiya


Introducing: Mutinda

In recent years the Kenyan music landscape has proven to be a very vibrant and diverse platform for young musicians. Hip Hop, Soul, Electro and since recently also House music flourish in a very dynamic art scene that givves space for traditional as well as modern influences. One artist who gained popularity by combining modern as well as traditonal Kenyan music elements is Mutinda.

Since 2005 Mutinda shares his socially relevent messages through Afro-Folk music, sung in Swahili, English or Kikamba. He has already performed on international stages, such as the renowned Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar. Mutinda’s music combines a variety of traditional (nyatiti, maboom-boom drums, djembe) and modern instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard, sax, violin and drums). The instumentals are filled with Mutinda’s voice. Watch below the great video for his song ‘Simamba‘ and listen to two other tracks of his: ‘Ahsante‘ and ‘Valu Vandu‘.

“The outside inspiration is only secondary to the inspiration I find in solitude going within. It is as though life already has created the song, and brings it to my attention to listen … and capture it … ” – Mutinda


Mutinda  *-*  ‘Simamba

Mutinda  *-*  ‘Ahsante

Mutinda  *-*  ‘Valu Vandu


Wetin dey happen?! #9

Wetin dey happen? Today this question is answered with these three new videos from Ghana, Zambia and South Africa. Whereas in the first track ‘Love Like Music‘, NY (Ghana) invites everybody in a slow-paced track to the dancefloor, the melodious hip hop track ‘Ndetasha‘ by Alpha Romeo (Zambia) increases the tempo a bit. Finally, you can see ‘izinja sondelaa‘, a fresh Kwaito collabo of several South African artists (Dj Fisherman, Dr Malinga, Oskido, Mampintsha, Danger, & Dj Tira).

NY  *-*  ‘Love Like Music’ (Feat. Appietus)

Alpha Romeo  *-*  ‘Ndetasha’ (Feat. Exile)

DJ Fisherman  *-*  ‘izinja sondela’ (Feat. Dr Malinga, Oskido, Mampintsha, Danger & Dj Tira)

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Blackmagic’s ‘Confam’ video hits the streets

Efemena Mukoro aka Blackmagic has dropped this excellent video for his track ‘Confam‘. The video perfectly fits to the great blend of this track which combines elements of Hip Hop, Afrobeats and Soul. Unlimited LA, who also directed the video for Slim T‘s ‘Lagosians‘, invites us in the video to see flirtation from Blackmagic’s perspectives as ‘we’ follow a beautiful woman on a sunny day in Lagos and finally end up on a party with Blackmagic and Nigerian Female MC Sasha P.

Blackmagic  *-*  ‘Confam’


Introducing: Ice Prince

Just as P-Square and many other Nigerian music stars, Panshak Zamani aka Ice Prince grew up in Jos. In the Tin City he quickly gained popularity when he released his debut single ‘Extraordinary‘ in 2004. After this, his way to the top-class of Nigerian music artists might not have been linear but the release of his hit track ‘Oleku‘ in 2010 brought him finally to the limelight and it looks like he is there to stay. In 2012 he was even nominated in the BET Awards in the category ‘Best international act’, alongside Sarkodie, Wiz Kid and Lira. Like very few artists Ice Prince succeeds to produce a very melodious and multifaceted hip hop with rich but light lyrics.

“UK music and American music has been everywhere. Jamaican music is big all over the world right now and I think it is time for Afrobeats as well. We have good music, we have a good sound and we have something special to offer the world. I think it’s time for the world to listen.” – Ice Prince (Source: MTV)

After the release of his debut studio album ‘Everybody Loves Ice Prince‘in 2010 we can expect to see another LP in the near future. In recent weeks he dropped two major tracks which were brilliantly visualized: ‘Aboki‘ and ‘More‘, which you can see below, alongside his track ‘Oleku‘ (Feat. Brymo).

Ice Prince  *-*  ‘Aboki

Ice Prince  *-*  ‘More

Ice Prince  *-*  ‘Oleku‘ (Feat. Brymo)

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