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‘Space’ – BIG FKN GUN (Feat. Spoek Mathambo & Okmalumkoolkat) (FREE Download)

BIG FKN GUNWhile Spoek Mathambo continued his rise to stardom in 2012 with two (!!!) LP releases (‘Father Creeper‘ & ‘Future Sound of Mzansi‘ ),BIG FKN GUN (‘R!OT‘) and Okmalumkoolkat  (‘Sebenza‘) introduced themselves very successfully to the global audience. Now all three South African acts collaborated on the track ‘Space‘ and they achieve what BIG FKN GUN intends to do with their music: “To force-feed the mainstream with new ideas. To break stereotypes and affirm a new Renaissance of the Afro-Futuristic 22nd century (no typo) South Africa“.

Additonally, listen to BIG FKN GUN’s recently released track ‘ABC‘ and their popular track ‘R!ot‘. All tracks are FREE to download!

BIG FKN GUN  *-*  ‘Space‘ (Feat. Spoek Mathambo & Okmalumkoolkat)


BIG FKN GUN  *-*  ‘R!ot

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World Class concerts online: Tinariwen, Ballaké Sissoko, AfroCubism and more

SonaWe often listen to the albums of great African artists, knowingly that we will probably not have the chance to experience live concerts of these exceptional musicians. Some concert-snippets are put on YouTube but very rarely we can watch full concerts in good quality. ARTE Live Web enables viewers to see concerts of World Class musicians from home in HD and with a briliant sound quality. In the following list you will find the list of African artists that performed in 2012 and whose concerts can be watched online via ARTE Live Web. All you need is to click on the concert-link and you can experience these excellent musicians at home.


Tinariwen concertTinariwen – Concert: Live at Salle Pleyel, Paris, 02/11/2012
The Tourag-ensemble Tinariwen is the group which made Touareg-Blues music famous in the world. They can be seen as the oldest Cultural ambassadors of the Touareg culture as they are constantly touring the world and sharing this beautiful music with tens of thousands of people.


Sona Jobarteh2Sona Jobarteh – Concert: Live at Africa-Festival, Würzburg, 27/05/2012
The London-born artist is the first female Kora player. Born into a prestigious West African Griot family – her grandfather was the master Griot Amadu Bansang Jobarteh – music is a rooted in her family’s heritage. At the Afrika-Festival in Würzburg/ Germany Sona Jobarteh performed a brilliant live performance.


omar pene4Omar Pene – Concert: Live at Africa Festival, Würzburg, 25/05/2012
Senegalese musician Omar Pene is a living legend in West Africa. He influenced West African Pop music tremendously and can be seen as one of the masters of the Mbalax, a genre that mixes the traditional Senegalese Sabar music with popular Western music. At the Africa Festival he performed a very entertaining show displaying his artistic diversity.


afrocubismAfroCubism – Concert: Live at Afrika Festival, Würzburg, 27/05/2012
Cuban and African music have a long history of mutual influence. Producer Nick Gold created AfroCubism, a music ensemble that does not only pay tribute to this music history but creates new sounds by fusing Cuban Son and Rumba with Malian sounds.


bombino2Bombino – Concert: Live at Salle Pleyel, Paris, 02/11/2012
Described by many as the Jimy Hendrix of the desert Nigerien Blues artist Bombino experienced a fast rise in the last 2 years. His debut album ‘Agadez‘ was widely celebrated and made him tour the globe to promote his unique style of Touareg blues/ rock music.


bAllake sissokoBallaké Sissoko – Concert: Live at Festival Africolor, Centquatre, Paris, 11/12/2012
Very few artists in the world can play the Kora like Malian artist Ballaké Sissoko. Since the age of 13 he plays in the Ensemble instrumental national du Mali and creates beautiful music. In his live performance at the recent Festival Africolor in Paris he presented tracks from his new album ‘At Peace’ on which he collaborated with French cellist/ bassist Vincent Ségal. It is amazing to see both them performing live, fusing the sound of the kora and the cello.

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Classic: ‘Monami’ – N’Gola Ritmos

N'Gola Ritmos - MonamiLourdes Van-Dunem is seen as one of the greatest female voices in Angola. During the first years of her career she was part of the famous Angolan group N’Gola Ritmos. Recordings of the 1947-formed group are very rare and video material is even harder to find. In 1964, the Portuguese TV station aired some live performances of the famous Angolan group, including ‘Monami‘, one of the group’s lamentos which were inspired by the daily chronicles or funeral laments. Lourdes Van-Dunem’s voice is truly breathtaking!

N’Gola Ritmos  *-*  ‘Monami

H/T: Sea Never Dry

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* Jusi I Love Christmas Gifts *

Merry Christmas

In the following Soundcloud set you will find a selection of 12 songs that you may download for free (and legally because they are provided by the artists themselves, lables or music platforms). It contains two fresh Christmas tracks from Nigerian artists (‘Coming Home This Christmas‘ & ‘Wishing On A Star‘), a wonderful classic by Tabu Ley Roucherau (‘Pitie‘), a new track by Congolese star Fally Ipupa (‘Sweet Life – La Vie Est Belle‘) as well as other different tracks from African artists. JUSI I LOVE wishes you and your loved ones a blessed and joyous Christmas!

JUSI I LOVE – Christmas Gifts Mixtape 2012

1. Ilona, Nonny D, Ransom and Mr. Moi – ‘Coming Home This Christmas
2. Addiction – ‘Wishing On A Star
3. Ajuju – ‘Chante‘ (Feat. Ola Omega)
4. Bemyoda – ‘Shima Yam
5. Tabu Ley Rouchereau – ‘Pitie
6. Fally Ipupa – ‘Sweet Life – La Vie Est Belle
7. The Very Best – ‘Chalo‘ (Gonzales Remix)
8. Scarlet – ‘Tino Fara’
9. Vieux Farka Touré – ‘Aigna
10. Konkoma – ‘Kpanlogo
11. Batida – ‘Tirei O Chapéu
12. M.anifest – ‘Brighter Than Sunshine‘ (Refix)

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Asa releases new video – ‘Ba Mi Dele’

Ba Mi Dele

Ba Mi Dele4

Ba Mi Dele6The music blogsphere seemed to be a bit confused about Asa‘s last video release (‘The Way I Feel‘). Her new video for the song ‘Ba Mi Dele‘ – again one of the calm songs of her album – may not please those ones that would like to see a video á la ‘Why Can’t We‘. Although Asa is many times seen as mainstream Pop her new videos underline that she does not want to be put in a mainstream category and wants to explore new artistic means to visualize her songs. Sometimes mainsteamism can undermine creativity and innovation. Asa proves to do it her way. The video was directed by Tristan Holmes.

Asa  *-*  ‘Ba Mi Dele

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