FreshlyGround’s new album: ‘Take Me To The Dance’

freshlyground take me to the danceSouth African group FreshlyGround, one of Africa’s most famous Afro-Pop ensembles, has released their 5th studio album: ‘Take Me To The Dance‘. The release indicates not only a shift in their artistic expression but also in their marketing approach. They decided to drop their producers at Sony and produced the album completely at their own cost. Again, it is the first time that all band members have contributed in creating the sounds of this LP and this joint effort is mirrored in the diversity of the songs. It is more playful as their previous albums but they generally stick to the Freshlygroundish sound we are used to. If you loved their previous albums you will definitely enjoy listening to ‘Chaingang‘, ‘Mina Nobiza‘, ‘Party Time‘, ‘Won’t Let Go‘ as well as to the Afrobeat influenced tune ‘Shake It‘ or the Reggae-fused piece ‘Not Too Late For Love‘.

See below the lyric-video for ‘Take Me To The Dance‘ and stream the album in its entirety via soundcloud (below the video). You can purchase the album on their homepage.

You don’t have to worry about not being asked to be taken to the dance because we want to go with you.” – Zolani Mahola (Source: Sowetanlive)


Freshlyground  *-*  ‘Take Me To The Dance

H/T: Okayafrica


4 thoughts on “FreshlyGround’s new album: ‘Take Me To The Dance’

  1. Jeanne Reece says:

    When can I get “Take me to the Dance” on itunes.

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