Diamond’s new video – ‘Nataka Kulewa’

Nataka Kulewa

Nataka Kulewa2

Nataka Kulewa3Diamond Platnumz – or simply known as Diamond – is the undisputed King of Bongo Flavor. During the last years the Tanzanian artist has produced many hits that were celebrated all over East Africa. Just yesterday he dropped the video for his track ‘Nataka Kulewa’. The highly entertaining video was produced by I-view, a Tanzanian company, which seems to set new music video standards in the Tanzanian music video industry.

The tune is a great party track but one should not take the song too seriously as ‘Nataka Kulewa‘ simply means ‘I want to get drunk’. The character that Diamond plays in the video is shocked that his girlfriend betrays him and decides to drink his sorrows away. At the end of the video we can see the drunken guy falling to the ground on a street in Dar es Salaam, only to wake up in the morning, shirtless and completely disoriented. The video eventually shows us, drinking might look like a quick solution but you can’t use it to run away from reality.


 Diamond Platnumz  *-*  ‘Nataka Kulewa

H/T: ThisIsAfrica

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One thought on “Diamond’s new video – ‘Nataka Kulewa’

  1. eric mush says:

    Good massage song keep it up!

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