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Classic: ‘Pitié’ – Tabu Ley Rouchereau

tabu ley

Tabu Ley Rouchereau‘s ‘Pitié‘ will always be a great Rumba classic. It’s hard not to fall in love when you listen to it the first time. His son Jovi, who is a music artist himself, remixed the song of his father (‘Pitié (Remix)‘) successfully reinterpreting this Rumba classic into a Hip Hop format.

“Pitié toi mon amour
Pitié toi mon coeur
Je travaille nuit et jour
Pour ton seul bonheur
Pitié toi mon amour
Pitié toi mon coeur
Je travaille nuit et jour
Pour ton seul bonheur”


Tabu Ley Rouchereau  *-*  ‘Pitié

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‘Cush’ – Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal - Cush3

Emmanuel Jal - Cush10

Emmanuel Jal - Cush7This fantastic video succeeds to visually reconstruct the ancient Empire of Kush, which was situated on the confluences of the Blue Nile, White Nile and River Atbara. It was constructed in 1070 BC and destroyed by the Kingdom of Axum in AD 350. There are some scholars who state that the economy in the Kingdom of Kush was a redistributive system, in which the state would collect taxes in the form of surplus produce and would redistribute it to the people.

In this song Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal shows his pride to be a descent of the Kush people and is successfully fusing Hip Hop and Rock music. Watch the video below and stream his recently released album ‘See Me Mama’ in its entirety.

“The worst thing to have happened to Africans is not the colonisation of our resources and people or the recent genocides; it is that our history has been stolen and hidden from us.” – Emmanuel Jal


Emmanuel Jal  *-*  ‘Kush’


Emmanuel Jal  *-*  ‘See Me Mama‘ (Album Stream)


‘Nimechoka’ – Keisha (Feat. Diamond)

Keisha Nimechoka8

Keisha Nimechoka9

Keisha Nimechoka2Besides the melodious beauty of the song there is yet another reason why this video should spread quickly. Hadija Saban aka Keisha is a popular Tanzanian artist who has already won various awards. Considering the huge challenges that many albinos face in Tanzania her success sends a strong message to the Tanzanian society. Being in a video with Diamond Platnumz – the most popular Tanzanian pop star – shows people what really counts: Talent and determination.

And for the male readers there is yet another message: Stay faithful!

Keisha  *-*  ‘Nimechoka‘ (Feat. Diamond Platnumz)

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‘C’est Pas Bon’ – Fore

c#est pas bon4

c#est pas bon

c#est pas bon3Zimbabwean/American Rap artist Fore just dropped the visuals for his remix of Amadou & Mariam‘s track ‘C’est pas bon‘. Originally it is a track that strongly criticizes patrimonialism. Fore re-interprets the song and makes immigrants’ struggles the major theme of his remix. The video footage is taken from Andrew Dosunmu directed movie ‘Restless City‘. Note: Since Rwandese artist Iyadede acted in the movie you can see Iyadede even in the music video (at 2:27).

Download here Fore’s complete album ‘Going Back is Not the Same as Staying‘ for FREE.

Watch below the video for Fore’s Remix and listen also the the orginal track by Amadou & Mariam.

Fore  *-*  ‘C’est Pas Bon

Amadou & Mariam  *-*  ‘C’est Pas Bon

H/T: Okayafrica

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Introducing: Taali M

Taali M2Taali M is a Paris-based songwriter and singer of Congolese, Chadian and Egyptian heritage who creates an exciting melange of music that incorporates 80’s Pop Rock, Ska, Ragga and traditional African chants and rhythm. As ‘A daughter of Africa – A sister of the World‘ she was raised between the Congo-Brazzaville, Burkina Faso and France. Based on the different musical influences she was exposed to in these places (Burkinabe singer Black So Man, Fela Kuti, Vera Hall, Nina Simone, etc) Taali M was able to invent her own musical style.

Make sure you visit her website: Simply the most amazing artist website I have ever seen. The designer of the page, Pierre Christophe describes it like this: “We are here tele-transported through time, to the court of an ancient African Kingdom. We could either be in the kingdom of Congo, Dahomey or Mali, somewhere in the 13th or 14th century.

Listen below to her first two singles ‘Dream‘ and ‘Mirage‘ which provide us with a very fresh and eclectic Afro-Pop sound. You can additionally watch a video with an acoustic version of ‘Mirage‘ below. Follow this link to download the single ‘Dream‘ for free.

“I’ll cherish this lively new place
Embrace new happiness
This land is a precious gift
I now see everything”
– Taali M in ‘Dream


Taali M  *-*  ‘Dream‘ (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Taali M  *-*  ‘Mirage


Taali M  *-*  ‘Mirage‘ (Acoustic version)

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