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Taali M – ‘New Chance’ & ‘Dance’

Taali MParis-based Taali M is currently providing us with one of the freshest versions of Afro-Pop. In her previous two releases, ‘Dream‘ and ‘Mirage‘ Taali M has already shown us how eclectic her sound is. In her recently released two songs she delivers us with an amazingly catching song (‘New Chance‘) and surprises us with her rap qualities (‘Dance‘). Taali M is an artist you should definitely watch closely.

Taali M  *-*  ‘New Chance

Taali M  *-*  ‘Dance


Femi Kuti – ‘The World Is changing’



FEMI KUTI twic4Femi Kuti, an outspoken advocate for the poor and the working class in Nigeria and Africa, just released his new LP ‘Now Place For My Dream‘. Considering the success of his previous releases we can expect nothing less than a Grammy nomination. The first visualized song of the album is ‘The World Is Changing’. Here Femi sings about rising inequality and hereby again touches a theme which his father put at the core of his music.

In a recent interview with Okayafrica Femi talks about how relevant his fathers’s music still is in todays world considering the daily struggle many people have to face: “.. no music really touched us like my father’s music. It had something more meaningful. … My father was always talking about the suffering of the people. His music meant something. So I’m not surprised that many young people want to identify with this kind of music, especially considering the crisis we are facing globally. Young people want to be identified with something that is meaningful. Because of this, afrobeat will always grow with each new generation.”

When you see what is going
on in the world today
you will agree that poverty
is winning the game
more people are suffering,
more people are very poor
the suffering people can’t take anymore

– Femi Kuti in ‘The World is changing


Femi Kuti  *-*  ‘The World Is Changing

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