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‘Blue Uganda’ – Abramz, Bris Jean, Lady Slyke, Maeckes, Marteria & Sylvester

blue uganda 4

blue uganda2

blue ugandaThis German-Ugandan Hip Hop collabo between Ugandan Rappers Abramz, Sylvester, Lady Slyke, Bris Jean and German artists Marteria & Maeckes was written, produced and staged on one single day in Kampala. The song ‘Blue Uganda‘ is the soundtrack for the Viva con Agua project journey to Uganda on which the NGO advocates for the basic human right to clean drinking water. Another central aspect of the journey seems to be the inter-cultural experience. There should be more of such Euro-African music productions.

My personal highlight in this video are Lady Slyke’s lines: A true Ugandan Hip Hop Queen!


  Abramz, Bris Jean, Lady Slyke, Maeckes, Marteria & Sylvester  *-*  ‘Blue Uganda

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Movie ‘Grigis’ by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

GrigrisGrigris‘ has been one of the movies that received a lot of attention at the recent Cannes Film Festival. Directed by French-Chadian Mahamat-Saleh Haroun the movie tells the story of a young Chadian man who earns his money as a photographer and dancer in night clubs despite being physically handicapped. Due to financial constraints he decides to involve himself in illegal smuggling of black-market petrol over the border to Cameroon.

It is obvious that Mahamat-Saleh Harou created something groundbreaking in this movie. He gives Souleymane Démé the chance to present his professional dance and acting talents to a global audience and thus increases our feeling of respect for disabled persons who are too often neglected in our societies – everywhere in the world. Too often do we pity them instead of recognizing their individual talents and potential. ‘Grigris‘ can be an eye-opener for all of us!

It was very easy. Haroun simply asked me to dance and I danced. It was I who created the scenes, I developed them, everything that you see on screen is what I brought to the role. There wasn’t any rehearsal, we simply started shooting and I performed. It comes easily to me as well because I have been dancing professionally since I was a young man and I developed all my choreographies for the film.” – Souleymane Démé (in Washington Post)


Mahamat-Saleh Haroun  *-*  ‘Grigris‘ Trailer #1

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun  *-*  ‘Grigris‘ Trailer #2

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RNW series ‘My song’

My songRadio Netherlands Worlwide – Africa Desk has recently launched a wonderful series called ‘My Song‘ in which African music artists are given the opportunity to talk about the motivation behind one of their songs. The five artists that have so far been given this chance are Hope Masike (Zimbabwe), eLDee (Nigeria), Gaïus Vagheni Kowene (DR Congo), Ikon (Nigeria) and Irene Ntale (Uganda). Here we are given rare insights about the personal stories behind the songs, which make us understand better why these songs were recorded and which powerful messages they carry.

Ikon (of Three Wise Men) for example tells us about Nigerian society and the challenges that various people face. In his song ‘Bastard‘ he avoids blaming specific people but stresses that every Nigerian is responsible for his/ her behaviour.

The series is produced by Serginho Roosblad and you can follow it directly on Radio Netherlands Worlwide.

Ikon  *-*  ‘My song: Bastard

Hope Masike  *-*  ‘My song: Musha Mukadzi

Irene Ntale  *-*  ‘My song: Politiqx

eLDee  *-*  ‘My song: I Go Yarn

Gaïus Vagheni Kowene  *-*  ‘My song: Ndio mazao

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Introducing: Chisamo

ChisamoI would like to introcude to you a newcomer in the Zambian music landscape: Afro Soul artist Chisamo. Her first two releases give us enough reason to know that we should better closely follow her upcoming projects. Her music is being distributed by Zambian music label Slam Dunk Records, who are busy producing a new generation of Zambian music artists like Zone Fam and Scarlet. This creative environment will surely will contribute to Chisamo’s artistic development.

The Lusaka based artist is motivated to tell stories through her music, which should have a positive impact in the lifes of those listening to them. In her song ‘Niza Ku Lila Bwanji‘ (Chewa for “How will I cry for you?”) Chisamo tells us the story of a woman’s lamentation over a perfect marriage gone wrong. The song speaks of how she tried and cried so much so that she has no more tears left for the man she married, who has since left this world. She also appeals to her family not to turn a blind eye to her suffering and as such she speaks on behalf of those who suffer the same.

Listen below to her recently released song ‘Thandiwe‘ (produced by Israel Kapatula) as well as her first song ‘Niza Ku Lila Bwanj‘.


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‘Ebony and Ivory’ – Nomsa Mazwai

nomsa mazwaiIt took Nomsa Mazwai just one release to win the South African Music Award. The LP ‘Nomisupasta‘ convinced many music experts, bloggers, music lovers that we can expect a lot from this young Afro Pop/Soul artist. Today she shared recordings on her Soundcloud from a concert she recently held at Bassline in Johannesburg. These pieces show a wonderful talent we were not able to recognize on her LP: Poetry. In the Poetry-Soul pieces ‘Ebony and Ivory‘ and ‘Globalisation‘ she translates sharp thoughts into beautiful poetry, in which she analyses race relations in South Africa and the socio-economic situation in her home country as well as the world at large.

Listen below these two poetry pieces as well as ‘Kind of Love‘, her collaboration with US Hip Hop artist Rapsody and the producer 9th Wonder. Here you can also listen to her guest appeareance on the show AFRIKA21 which is produced by the Brooklyn Community Radio.

‘… How do we describe this dual economy
where some ebony lives happily with ivory
and the rest remain ignored in skwatta camps and rural locations
continuose demontrations that never get aired
this country is a double storey house
you would never find a mouse on the top floor
where the rich eat more than they can handle … ‘


Nomsa Mazwai  *-*  ‘Ebony and Ivory(Lyrics/ Free Download)

Nomsa Mazwai  *-*  ‘Globalisation(Lyrics/ Free Download)

Rapsody  *-*  ‘Kind of Love‘ (Feat. Nomsa Mazwai)

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