Classic: ‘Mugove’ – Leonard Zhakata

Leonard ZhakataWhen Leonard Karikoga Zhakata released his sophomore album ‘Maruva Enyika‘ in 1994 he became the youngest Zimbabwean musician to sell more than 100,000 copies of an album (At that time he was just 26 years old). One of the tunes on the album gained popularity very quickly, ‘Mugove‘, in particular because of its message. Zhakata is an outspoken critic of the Zimbabwean governemnt and in this song he addresses the societal inequality and the corrupt elite.

“Leaders, please give me an opportunity
Those who got the chance to get to the top
were lucky enough to get to the top
They consider this opportunity as cleverness
Now they oppress those below them
They spit on those below them
Beating their chests and exalting themselves
No, they are doing wrong
If you were born like everyone else
If you came from your mum’s womb like everyone
It is clear
Don’t lie, don’t fool yourself … ”
– Leonard Zhakata in ‘Mugove’


Leonard Zhakata  *-*  ‘Mugove


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