‘Abet’ – Yegna (Feat. Haile Roots)



abetThis brilliantly produced video is the first visual output of a popular campaign in Ethiopia that aims to strengthen girls’ self-esteem and promote a more active role of girls in the Ethiopian society. ‘Yegna‘ is Amharic and means ‘We are here’. This powerful message is spread through a radio drama and talk-show about five very different girls whose friendship helps everyone to overcome certain challenges. Yegna should encourage dialogues among communities and lead to an attitude change towards women’s right. The video is a colourful celebration of girls energy!

Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen said the following about the program: “This is a very important program for Ethiopia, and especially for our girls. This will help to engage the talent of girls and create opportunities for them to be more active participants in school, society and in all economic and political aspects – which is the direct strategy of the Ethiopian government.”


Yegna  *-*  ‘Abet‘ (Feat. Haile Roots)

H/T: Okayafrica


2 thoughts on “‘Abet’ – Yegna (Feat. Haile Roots)

  1. EmilyK says:

    Amazing article. I stumbled upon it while writing my review of this same song coming out next week. Very insightful.

  2. […] the disgusting music videos and lyrics dripping with sex (Ahem, Miley anyone?).  And I was right, Sauti ya Furaha explains that this video is part of a campaign aimed at improving girls’ self esteem in the […]

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