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Introducing: Sona Jobarteh

SonaThe London-born artist Sona Jobarteh is the first female Kora player. Born into a prestigious West African Griot family – her grandfather was the master Griot Amadu Bansang Jobarteh – music is deeply rooted in her family’s heritage. She actually founded a music academy in The Gambia – named after her grandfather – which aims to gather the last remaining elders in the region that know the Griot tradition in order to share their knowledge to the younger generation.

Listen/Watch below how she performs the Malian classic Kora song ‘Jarabi‘ accompanied by Femi Temowo on guitar and percussionist Robert Fordjour. Additonally listen to her songs ‘Saya‘, ‘Mamaké‘ and ‘Bannaya‘. You can find all these trakcs on her first album ‘Fasiya‘.

Sona Jobarteh  *-*  ‘Jarabi‘ (With Femi Temowo & Robert Fordjour)

Sona Jobarteh  *-*  ‘Saya

Sona Jobarteh  *-*  ‘Mamaké’

Sona Jobarteh  *-*  ‘Bannaya

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‘Lelilanga’ – Naima Kay

Naima Kay6

Naima Kay8

Naima Kay2This tune might soon become a radio hit in South Africa. Naima Kay recently released her sophomore album entitled ‘Umsebenziand the leading single ‘Lelilanga‘ could make her soon popular around the rainbow nation. It’s a wonderful feel good song and the video transmits very effectively the great energy of this song. It’s probably just a matter of time until the house remix – of which you can listen a teaser below – becomes a hit on South African dancefloors.

Naima Kay  *-*  ‘Lelilanga

Naima Kay  *-*  ‘Lelilanga (Hit House Remix)Teaser

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Hommage to Chiwoniso Maraire

chiwoniso3This is one of these posts we hate to write and read. Only God knows why this talented and amazing artist had to leave this world so early. Chiwoniso Maraire was just 37 years old when she died of suspected pneumonia in Harare on July 24th. She left a great musical legacy and inspired so many people and artists around the world with Zimbabwean mbira music. Born in the diaspora (Olympia/ USA) her family migrated back to Zimbabwe after the country gained its independence. Being the daughter of renowned Zimbabwean mbira player and teacher Dumisani Maraire she started to learn to play the mbira when she was just four years old.

Her both solo albums ‘Ancient voices‘ and ‘Rebel Woman‘ were huge successes and made her tour the world promoting an instrument she redefined for the modern world. May God give you eternal rest Chiwoniso Maraire.

Listen below to the tracks ‘Usa Cheme‘, ‘Mai‘, ‘Nguva Ya Kufara’ and also to a tribute radio show which was aired by ZimOnline Radio.

Chiwoniso  *-*  ‘Usa Cheme

Chiwoniso  *-*  ‘Mai

Chiwoniso  *-*  ‘Nguva Ya Kufara

ZimOnline Radio Shows  *-*  ‘Tribute To Chiwoniso Maraire

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‘Maso Luso’ (Feat. Seye) & ‘Yoshua Alikuti’ (YADI version) – The Very Best

tvb1_crvillagebeatThe Very Best have already proven in the past their talent in transforming – or better afrikanizing – popular songs (for example: Kanye West’sRun Away‘, Kate Bush’sRunning up that Hill‘). Now they have  covered the track ‘Below My Feet‘ – originally sang by English Folk Rock band Mumford & Sons – and transformed it to the brilliant Afro-Pop track ‘Maso Luso‘. The cover version includes upcoming UK-Pop-star Seye.

The second track below is a special version of their hit track ‘Yoshua Alikuti‘ as performed by YADI with The Very Best Sound System on Mumford and Sons’ ‘Gentlemen of the Road Tour’ on Saturday 20th July 2013.

The Very Best  *-*  ‘Maso Luso‘ (Feat. Seye) (Cover of ‘Below My Feet‘ by Mumford & Sons) (Download FREE via Soundcloud)

 The Very Best  *-*  ‘Yoshua Alikuti‘ (YADI version)

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‘Take You There’ & ‘Hit Them Up’- Afrikan Boy

afrikan boyNigerian UK-based Afrikan Boy just dropped the self-declared ‘Carnival anthem of the year’ called ‘Take You There‘. The song features upcoming Afro-Pop musician Deinde and was produced by Pro2Jay. Compared to most of his previous songs, this might fit best on Nigerian dancefloors. Listen below to ‘Take You There’ as well as ‘Hit Them Up’, another track he recently released.:

Afrikan Boy  *-*  ‘Take You There‘ (Feat. Deinde) (Download for FREE via Soundcloud)

Afrikan Boy  *-*  ‘Hit Them Up

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