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‘CLV’ – Alec Lomami (Feat. Sammus & Badi Banx)



clv5Describing the video for Alec Lomami‘s song ‘CLV‘ (C’est la vie) as brilliant would be an understatement. After the previous released video (‘Kinshasa CHLLNGR Remix‘) which received a lot of praise in the blogsphere for its creativity, this video will definitely be part of the Top 10 Music Videos coming from Africa in 2013. Directed by South African Tlhonepho Thobejane, the video incorporates video game visuals into Cape Town street scenes, which makes it very colorful and entertaining. Like Lomami my favorite part of the video is the street scene, in which Sammus busts a street criminal. Lomami’s comment: “I really like the fight scene. Since Sammus, who is based in NY, couldn’t be in the video we wanted to find a way incorporate her. She’s a self-proclaimed video game nerd, so we thought having video game elements would be a good way to make her a part of it.”

If you haven’t heard any of Alec Lumami’s songs, check his free EP titled ‘Mélancolie Joyeuse‘ on bandcamp. The Cape Town based Congolese producer/ rapper creates a unique Neo-Afro-Pop/ Hip Hop that reflects a wide range of influences. The song ‘CLV’ features upcoming Congolese artists Sammus and Badi Banx.

I have written this post originally for Stocktown.

Alec Lomami  *-*  ‘CLV‘ (Feat. Sammus & Badi Banx)

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Listen to John Wizard’s debut LP via Pitchwork

ZIQ336_John_WizardsSimply put: John Wizard‘s self-titled album is ingenious. Considering the different genres that are being used in this in a seemingly perfect mosaïque of sounds – “African music, R&B, and chamber pop, filtered through gentle electronic arrangements” one can only describe this LP as a true masterpiece. The Cape Town-based duo – consisting of John Withers (music) and Emmanuel Nzaramba (vocals) – will drop their LP officially on 2nd September but (thanks to Pitchwork) we can have an exclusive listening experience here.

There are releases, whose real impact we might only see in the retrospective – they seem to take three steps forward, taking us into a distant futuristic space of music to which Googlemaps won’t never be able to direct us … but artists like John Wizards can. When I heard the LP the first time, I was simply overwhelmed by the deep and unique creativity. It’s brave and bold in its multifaceted approach but in the same moment it seems that every small nuance of sound has its distinctive purpose in this celebration of sound.

Listen to John Wizards LP via pitchwork here.

You can preorder/ buy it via Planet Mu or iTunes.


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‘Metanfo’ – Bisa Kdei (Feat. Nii OD)



metanfo3Singer and song writer Bisa Kdei recently released the video for his song ‘Metanfo‘, a nice Afro-Pop tune with a pleasant rhythm. The Ghanaian shootingstar Bisa Kdei prooves that he can easily jump to different genres. The great video was directed by Prince Dovlo.

Sung in Twi the song is about how enemies (‘Metanfo‘) can threaten ones life. In this video it is his Auntie who has brought on a family dispute regarding land passed on to Kdei and she attempts to drive him to his downfall. In the chorus Kdei asks his enemies to leave him alone because they are always troubling him and “if you try and bring me down I will keep going because I am not scared of you, as I have hope and God in my life”. (Translation by Mo4africa).

Bisa Kdei  *-*  ‘Metanfo


Wetin dey happen?! #12

translateIt’s weekend time and therefore the right moment to check on some of the recent dancefloor tracks. Let’s start with Zambian star ensemble Zone Fam and their fresh track ‘Translate‘ in Nairobi. We continue in East Africa with the brand new video for MusikMaestro‘s ‘Juju‘ and a comeback track ‘Chali Wa Kibera‘ of veteran Tanzanian singer Mr. Nice. On the next track we see a Nigerian collabo by newcomer Adaz and high-life musician Flavour Nabania in ‘Ulena‘ and we finish with ‘Body Flame, a collabo by Ghanaians Samini and dancefloor queen Kaakie. Enjoy your weekend!

Zone Fam  *-*  ‘Translate

MusikMaestro  *-*  ‘Juju

Mr Nice  *-*  ‘Chali Wa Kibera

Adaz  *-*  ‘Ulena‘ (Feat. Flavour)

  Samini  *-*  ‘Body Flame‘ (Feat. Kaakie)

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‘Bisa’ – Blitz The Ambassador (Feat. Nneka & Ty)

bisaAfter the two last leaks of his upcoming EP ‘Warm UpBlitz the Ambassador drops this great globalisation-critique song that features Hip Hop veterans Nneka from Nigeria and Ty from UK. Listening to the (Tismé produced) song you will definitely start liking its easy flow and Nnekas chorus. But this song, which itself is a product of a artistic globalisation processes – recorded in NY, Paris and London – criticises heavily the unjustified and cruel practices by global corporations. ‘Bisa‘ means ‘Ask’ in the Ghanaian language “Twi” and reminds all of us to question the current status of globalisation.

We thank these three artists for their wake up call and for remembering us that Hip Hop was and will always be a politically and socially relevant music genre.

Look at how we living, Bodies are free but our minds are in prison,
Controlled by the system no longer we fall victim,
From Tahrir Square to Madison Square the streets are crammed,
Revolution will not be televised or instagramed,
The tables are turning the people are rising and burning,
Overthrow the corporations that are steadily earning,
So death to Monsanto, Death to Halliburton, Death to De Beers,
Death to Shell oil, Just look at what they did to Ken Saro-Wiwa,
Hanged him by the neck, murdered every other leader,
Either or war is how they making they funds,
Show me a factory in Africa thats manufacturing guns,
Yet theres AK 47’s in every village but no food,
So the kids grow up and learn the same rules,
Violence that you sow is the violence that you reap,
Bisa oh Bisa, You ask what you seek.”

– Blitz the Ambassador in ‘Bisa‘ –

Blitz the Ambassador  *-*  ‘Bisa‘ (Feat. Nneka & Ty) (FREE Download + Lyrics via bandcamp)

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