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‘See Me Suffer’ – E.L (Feat. Shaker)

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see me suffer1E.L. seems to be an artist who perceives the visualizations of his songs as paramount. Each video blends perfectly with the chosen venue, pictures and concept. JUSI I LOVE crowned the video for his track ‘Kaalu‘ as the best music video from Africa in 2012.

Nana Asihene was responsible for directing the video for his latest masterpiece ‘See Me Suffer‘. The video was shot at Elimna Castle, a historical site near Cape Coast, Ghana, which is connected to the Transatlantic slave trade that endured from 15th to the 19th century in West Africa.

The track itself is crazy, Chale! An excellent arrangements of instruments and a great pop-like refrain sung by his fresh label mate Shaker, who was signed by BBnZ Live just some days ago. Put on your earphones, increase the volume and listen to this banger!

E.L.  *-*  ‘See Me Suffer‘ (Feat. Shaker)

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‘Eponaba’ – Roberto



Eponaba3It’s unfortunate that many do not know about Zambian’s vibrant music scene. There are many talented artists the world needs to know about. JUSI I LOVE has so far featured songs of following artists: Alpha RomeoChisamo, Mampi, Mutinta, Scarlet, Wezi and Zone Fam. Today, I would like to show you Roberto‘s Afro-Pop love track ‘Eponaba‘ (Am There), which he released four months ago. The Zambian music star recently dropped the visuals for the track. Watch the video below!

Roberto  *-*  ‘Eponaba(FREE Download via reverbnation)

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‘Bouge A Buja’ – Gaël Faye



Gael8Burundian-French Hip Hop artist Gaël Faye welcomes everybody to Bujumbura! The video for his eclectic homage to the Burundian capital, called ‘Bouge A Buja‘, will definitely leave you excited about this small but intersting capital. Faye gives us a fast-paced guide through culture, cuisine and important sites in Bujumbura, which is known as Buja among Burundians. The track is part of his LP ‘Pili Pili Sur un Croissant au Beurre‘ and shows us, just like his track ‘Petit Pays‘, how much he loves his mother country.

Gael Faye  *-*  ‘Bouge A Buja (Purchase via itunes)

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Introducing: Tshila

thila3Tshila is an amazingly talented artist from Kampala, Uganda whose delightful Afro-Pop can quickly transform your low mood into a smile. Her music fuses not only the art forms of music and poetry but also traditional Ugandan music with modern elements, like Pop, Hip Hop and Reggae. She released her debut album ‘Slipping From The Nile‘ in 2007 and she is currently working on her second album. We definitely need to follow Tshila’s upcoming projects.

Listen below to her tracks ‘Khube Atweela‘, ‘Buli Shesi Nghola (Whatever I Do)’, ‘Omubbi Waakuno (Village Thief)‘ and ‘Namboozo‘.  Watch also a video with a live performance of ‘Khube Atwela‘, in which Tshila also speaks about her motivation to be change society through her music. ‘Khube Atweela‘ for example is a song in Lugisu, a language from Eastern Uganda and means “Let’s Be One”. In this song Tshila appeals to human beings to stop creating imaginary divisions amongst themselves and acknowledge that humanity is one and that human beings are same and shall learn to love each other regardless of race, creed, religion or class.

Tshila  *-*  ‘Khube Atweela (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Buli Shesi Nghola (Whatever I Do)’ (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Omubbi Waakuno (Village Thief)(Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Namboozo (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Tshila performs Khube Atwela for BBC Africa Beats


‘Eva’ – Angélique Kidjo (Feat. Asa)

Angelique-Kidjo-Eva-ArtBeninese living legend Angélique Kidjo will release her 11th studio album, entitled ‘Eve‘, early 2014. Speaking about the LP Kidjo says: “It is an album of remembrance of African women I grew up with and a testament to the pride and strength that hide behind the smile that masks everyday troubles.” This motivation is clearly mirrored in the first released single: ‘Eva‘, a beautiful collaboration with Nigerian Afro-Pop star Asa. Two great female African musicians on one track! Listen to it below:

Angélique Kidjo  *-*  ‘Eva

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