Classic: ‘Guitar Boy’ – Sir Victor Uwaifo

guitar boy2Sir Victor Uwaifo was one of Nigeria’s outstanding Highlife artists. Born in Benin City, Edo State he learned his guitar skills from E.T. Mensah’s guitarist Dizzy Acquaye. Later he became popular for the creation of his own famous Highlife-style: The Joromi. One of his greatest hits was ‘Guitar Boy‘. Sir Victor Uwaifo received the inspiration to write the song from an encounter with a mermaid (which he calls mami wata) one night on the Lagos Bar Beach in 1967. The mermaid told him: “Guitar boy, if you see mami wata, never never you run away.” Watch below a live performance of the track.

Some of you will recognize the introducing guitar riff, which The Very Best used in their popular track ‘The Warm Heart of Africa‘.

  Sir Victor Uwaifo  *-*  ‘Guitar Boy

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One thought on “Classic: ‘Guitar Boy’ – Sir Victor Uwaifo

  1. […] Lagos beach bar with a mermaid — hence, the guitar’s “aqueous” sound.  As Jusi I Love helpfully explains, the mermaid (who the singer calls mami wata) told him, “Guitar boy, if you […]

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