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‘Rudo Harunakufina’ – Hope Masike

rudo1In anticipation of Hope Masike‘s concert in Berlin (25th December 2013, at kuZimbabwe German Society) the mbira artist released the new track ‘Rudo Harunakufina‘. The track is a wonderful mélange of two of Zimbabweans most prominent music genres: Mbira and Sungura. Sungura music became popuar in the early 1980’s though pioneers like Sungura Boys and artists like Simon Chimbetu and Leonard Zhakata continued to shape the genre.

Rudo Harunakufina‘ is a love song and features Hope Masike’s co-producer and guitarist Clive Mono Mukundu of Monolio Studios.

Hope Masike  *-*  ‘Rudo Harunakufina

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‘Chimsoro’ – Maleh



Chimsoro2Maleh‘s voice will sound familiar to many fans of South African House music. She was featured already on various House hits, like Time’ (Dj Qness), Not so Far (Dj Ganyani) and the international hit Falling(Dj Kent). Since 2011, the Lesotho-born artist pursues a solo career as a Afro-Soul/ Jazz artist. Her debut LP ‘Stepchild‘ was nominated for the 2013 Metro FM Music Awards in the categories ‘Best African Pop’ and ‘Best Contemporary Jazz’.

Chimsoro‘, one of her tracks was now visualized in a great video by Gorilla Films. The track has a very fresh and positive jazz vibe and seems to include some West-African elements in it. It is sung in Zulu and Shona and I guess I can hear the Swahili phrase ‘Nakupenda sana‘ (I love you very much) in the refrain.

Maleh  *-*  ‘Chimsoro(Purchase via itunes)

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‘The Renegade’ – Friend Within



pantsula3It’s lovely to see how the music of the Liverpool based House band Friend Within blends perfectly with the isPantsula dance from South Africa. The video for their fast paced old school Hip Hop/ House track ‘The Renegade‘ shows South African isPantsula dancers from Soweto who showcase their distinct dance culture. It was directed by Craig Moore for WE ARE FAMILIA.

The isPantsula became a very popular form of dance in the 1980s among young men and women in the townships of South Africa. The dance was not only used for them to express themselves, but it was also a way of life. Born and raised during in the apartheid era, the dance reflected the violence which they experienced in the townships. In modern South Africa this dance is accompanied by Kwaito music. You may watch the documentary ‘The African Cypher‘, which shows the dance cultures in South African townships.

Thanks to Missla Libsekal who curated the video for Stocktown.

Friend Within  *-*  ‘The Renegade

H/T: Missla Libsekal/ Stocktown

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‘Nai Ni Ya Who’ – Muthoni The Drummer Queen

Muthoni nai5

Muthoni nai3

Muthoni nai8We haven’t seen new releases of Kenyan Hip Hop Queen Muthoni The Drummer Queen since her songs ‘Feeling it‘ and ‘Vile Inafaa‘ hit the streets in mid 2012. But she just came back – with force – as she dropped her powerful Sheng track ‘Nai Ni Ya Who‘ with the additional visuals. The song is the first single of her highly anticipated sophomore album ‘MDQ‘ and has high potential to become the next street anthem in Nairobi. In the Tedd Josiah directed video we can see an ever-energetic Muthoni and street scenes from Kenya’s dynamic capital.

Starting from last Friday the artist will from now on release one song of her new album on each Friday in order to give her fans time to listen to the songs.

Muthoni The Drummer Queen *-*  ‘Nai Ni Ya Who

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‘Mama Africa’ & ‘International Baby’- Bracket

bracket_mama_africa1A new super hit was just born yesterday, when Nigerian duo Bracket released their track ‘Mama Africa‘. It will obviously take some weeks until it will hit the dancefloors and radio stations but one can be sure that it is an excellent dance track. Just last month they have released another great track called ‘International Baby’ for which they also produced a funny and entertaining video.

Listen below to ‘Mama Africa’ and watch the video for ‘International Baby’. You can download both tracks via

Bracket  *-*  ‘Mama Africa’ (FREE Download via

  Bracket  *-*  ‘International Baby’ (FREE Download via

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