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‘Darling Darling’ & ‘Friday’ – Kamar

darling darling1

darling darling4

darling darling3Kamar – you should better remember this name. Born and raised in Kaduna, the RnB/Pop artist is being celebrated as “the next big thing coming out of Nigeria“. The Aristokrat Records artist has released a number of nice tracks during the last months, of which I would like to share two tracks with you. ‘Darling Darling‘ is an amazing Hausa/English RnB hit. According to notjustok “Hausa hasn’t sounded this good since Jeremiah Gyang“, who is one of the greatest Hausa singing artists in Nigeria. ‘Friday‘ is a great Party pop song which has the potential to be a very popular track on radio.

Download the two tracks for FREE via notjustok: ‘Darling Darling‘ and ‘Friday‘.

Kamar  *-*  ‘Darling Darling(FREE Download via notjustok)

Kamar  *-*  ‘Friday(FREE Download via notjustok)

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‘Get Up’ – Muthoni the Drummer Queen

Get up2

Get up3

Get up5Muthoni The Drummer Queen from Kenya, released the 4th track + video of her album ‘MDQ‘, of which she drops a song each Friday. ‘Get up‘ is a very energetic Reggae/ Hip Hop track and definitely one of MDQ’s most religious and moral tracks.

In the video we see three persons, all part of a seemingly well-functioning family, experiencing very hard moments which challenge their moral beliefs. The director of the video, Tedd Josiah was able to dramatize the lyrics and message of the song very well by placing the people’s challenges in an environment where we wouldn’t expect them to be.

Muthoni The Drummer Queen  *-*  ‘Get Up

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‘Obimo’ – Kayswitch (Feat. D’Banj)



Obimo6Nigerian Afrobeats artist have a tradition in creating very popular wedding songs, like eLDee‘s ‘Today Today’ or Flavour‘s ‘Ada Ada‘. ‘The track ‘Obimo‘ (meaning ‘My heart’ in Igbo language) by Kayswitch (Feat. D’Banj) is being celebrated as “one of the wedding anthems of the year.” They have now released the video for the track, directed by Patrick Elis. It features original wedding footage and a harmonica playing D’Banj. You may hear it at the next Nigerian wedding that you attend!

Download the track for FREE via jaguda.

Kayswitch  *-*  ‘Obimo’ (Feat. D’Banj) (FREE Download via jaguda)

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‘Xiluva’ – Kakana



kakana6This is one of those songs that immediately catches your attention. ‘Xiluva‘ is a wonderful AfroPop track by Mozambican duo Kakana, who consists of lead vocalist Yolanda Chicane and guitarist Jimmy Gwaza. The group has released their first LP, called ‘Serenata‘, in July and are set to become known beyond the borders of their home country. The beautiful colorful video blends perfectly with the great sound of the track. It was created by Maocha’s Filmes and produced by Kakana Eventos, the group’s own production company.

Kakana  *-*  ‘Xiluva

H/T: Africa is a country

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‘Smile’ – Tshila

Slide 1I would like to share with you a song by Ugandan artist Tshila, who I introduced to you recently in another post. The beautiful acoustic track ‘Smile‘ is taken from her soundcloud, where she has recently uploaded some songs she seems to be working on currently. Although she calls them humbly ‘work in progress‘ or ‘rough drafts‘, they sound like much more than that and give us a glimpse of what we can expect from her second album.

She dedicates the track ‘Smile‘ to her niece knowing that one day she will be down and Tshila hopes that this song will cheer her up. I’m quite sure, it will … and it will additionally even cheer us up!

“… Tell me why you look so sad
It looks like you just need a friend
I can see your worn outside
And what’s deep inside its just not the same

Life’s too short to spend in tears
I know your low and sometimes ashamed
Give it time and you’ll be fine
Don’t hurt yourself cause its not the end …”

Tshila  *-*  ‘Smile

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