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JUSI I LOVE – Top 15 Music Videos 2013

15 MUSIC VIDEOSIn recent years the different music industries in Africa have produced more and more high quality music videos, which helped immensely in spreading African music on a global scale. The times when high quality videos were only produced in countries like Nigeria, South Africa or Kenya are over. New genius video makers have come up in many countries who create amazing creative music videos. Consequently, the art form of creating music videos is growing strongly and the bar is being put higher each year.

Here is JUSI I LOVE’s list of the best 15 Music Videos from Africa produced in 2013:


1. Alec Lomami *-*  ‘CLV‘ (Dem. Rep. of Congo/ South Africa) 

Directed by Tlhonepho Thobejane


2. Yegna  *-*  ‘Abet‘ (Ethiopia) 

Directed by Shahan Jafri & Alexander Germanotta


3. Khuli Chana  *-*  ‘Mnatebawen‘ (Feat. KayGizm & Fifi Cooper) (South Africa) 

Directed by Teboho Mahlatsi (Bomb Productions)


4. P-Square  *-*  ‘Personally‘ (Nigeria) 

Directed by Jude Engees Okoye and Clarence Peters


5. Freshlyground  *-*  ‘Take Me To The Dance‘ (South Africa) 

Directed by Samuel Coleman


6. Emmanuel Jal  *-*  ‘Cush‘ (South Sudan) 

Directed by Grandson and Son


7. Just A Band  *-*  ‘Dunia Ina Mambo‘ (Kenya)

Directed by Just A Band


8. MC Galaxy  *-*  ‘Nek-Unek‘ (Feat. Davido) (Nigeria) 

Directed by Patrick Elis


9. Petite Noir  *-*  ‘Noirse’ (Dem. Rep. Congo) 

Directed by Tim Main


10. Gaël Faye  *-*  ‘Bouge A Buja‘ (Burundi)

Directed by Nico Bozino


11. Oskido  *-*  ‘Tsa Mandebele‘ (Feat. Candy) (Kids Remix) (South Africa) 

Directed by Gorilla Films


12. Flavour  *-*  ‘Ada Ada‘ (Nigeria) 

Directed by Clarence Peters


13. Bryte  *-*  ‘Nadia Number‘ (Ghana)

Directed by unknown


14. Olugbenga  *-*  ‘Silver Pixie, Iyawo Mi‘ (Nigeria) 

Directed by Andy Amadi Okoroafor


15. Sarkodie  *-*  ‘Illuminati‘ (Ghana) 

Directed by Gyogyimah


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JUSI I LOVE – Top 20 Songs 2013

20 SONGSIt’s a yearly tradition in the music blog culture to select the best tracks/ videos and albums at the end of the year. After the 2012 selection, this is the second time that JUSI I LOVE picks the best titles of the year. The following selection of the Top 20 Songs 2013 is highly selective, yet it highlights one important point: African music is incredibly diverse, vibrant and dynamic. Many artists successfully create new melanges, incorporating external influences into their local music cultures and are able to spread this music via the internet to a global audience. During the coming years it will be interesting to see how artists from different countries continue to collaborate and how evolving music industries (in Zambia, Uganda, Cameroon) will spread their music to other African countries.

The following list includes tracks performed by artists who hail from South Africa, Nigeria, Congo, Chad, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, DRC, Sudan, Ghana and Malawi. ‘Khona‘ by South African duo Mafikizolo became a track that was celebrated not only in South African clubs but also in Accra, Lagos, Nairobi, etc. – all over Africa. Other tracks come from popular artists like Femi Kuti, Sauti Sol or Blitz The Ambassador. It is striking that the list includes many promising newcomers, including Naima Kay, John Wizards, Taali M or Sarabi.


1. Mafikizolo  *-*  ‘Khona‘ (Feat. Uhuru) (South Africa) (itunes)

2. Naima Kay  *-*  ‘Lelilanga‘ (South Africa) (itunes)

3. John Wizards  *-*  ‘Lusaka By Night‘ (South Africa) (itunes)

4. Davido  *-*  ‘Skelewu‘ (Nigeria) (itunes)

5. Maleh * -*  ‘Chimsoro‘ (South Africa) (itunes)

6. Taali M  *-*  ‘New Chance‘ (Chad/ Republic of the Congo)

7. Starboy L.a.X *-*  ‘Caro‘ (Feat. Wizkid) (itunes)

8. Kakana  *-*  ‘Xiluva‘ (Mozambique)

9. Sarabi  *-*  ‘Fuata Sheria’ (Feat. Juliani) (Kenya)

10. Abou Diarra  *-*  ’Seguin‘ (Mali) (itunes)

11. Petite Noir  *-*  ‘Noirse‘ (Democratic Republic of Congo) (itunes)

12. Mi Casa  *-*  ‘Jika‘ (South Africa) (itunes)

13. Tamikrest  *-*  ‘Imanin Bas Zihoun‘ (Mali) (itunes)

14. Débruit & Alsarah  *-*  ‘Alkoan Baladi/ الكون بلدي’ (Sudan/ France) (itunes)

15. Sauti Sol  *-*  ‘Money Lover‘ (Kenya)

16. Femi Kuti  *-*  ‘The World Is Changing‘ (Nigeria) (itunes)

17. Juliani  *-*  ‘Utawala‘ (Kenya)

18. Blitz The Ambassador  *-*  ‘African in New York‘ (Ghana) (Bandcamp)

19. The Very Best & Seye  *-*  ‘Maso Luso‘ (Cover of ‘Below My Feet‘ by Mumford & Sons) (Malawi/ UK) (Free Download)

20. Show Dem Camp  *-*  ‘Feel Alright‘ (Nigeria) (Free Download)


Here you can find the songs in one Soundcloud-Set:

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Hommage to Tabu Ley Rochereau

tabu copyOn the 30th November 2013, the DR Congo and the whole African continent lost one of the most influential musical artist of the 20th century: Pascal-Emmanuel Sinamoyi Tabu better known as Tabu Ley Rochereau. Together with the guitarist Dr. Nico Kasanra, Rochereau pioneered the music genre soukous, the ‘African rumba’, and made it popular thoughout the African continent and beyond. He gained great popularity for his engagement in the bands African Fiesta and Orchestre Afrisa International. In the mid 1980’s he discovered the 22-year old talent M’bilia Bel’s, with who he sang many songs. In 1988 Rochereau went into exile and became an open critic of the Mobuto regime. After Mobuto was ousted in 1997, he returned into the DRC, went into politics and held several political positions, including Vice-Governor of Kinshasa.

The government of the D.R.C organized a state funeral for him on the 9th december, which was declared a holiday. Thousands came to pay their tribute to the musical giant. Rochereau became 73 years old.

Mobuto said: “Does Rochereau realize the magnitude of a song? Because the newspaper will not be bought by the old lady in the street unless she uses it to wrap her donuts. But a song goes everywhere. The housewife even while crushing her cassava and making attiéké (couscous) out of it, she listens to the song. The street does not have to make any effort to understand its meaning.” – Tabu Ley Rochereau, in “Music is the weapon of the Future” by Frank Tenaille


Tabu Ley Rochereau  *-*  ‘Kelya

Tabu Ley Rochereau  *-*  ‘Pitié

Tabu Ley Rochereau & Mbilia Bel  *-*  ‘Loyenge

Tabu Ley Rochereau & Mbilia Bel  *-*  ‘Nelson Mandela

Tabu Ley Rochereau  *-*  ‘Mokolo Nakokufa

Tabu Ley Rochereau  *-*  ‘Maze

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‘Rainbow’ – Black Magic



rainbow4Black Magic is the best Nigerian rapper most people do not know about. The Nigerian has dropped catchy Hip Hop tunes like ‘Confam‘, ‘Repete‘ or ‘Rainbow‘. For the latter one, he just released a colourful video, directed by the talented Unlimited L.A. (‘Confam‘, ‘Repete‘, ‘Lagosians‘). In the soulful Hip Hop track Black Magic celebrates the diverse beauty of women, which is well portrayed through the video.

Black Magic  *-* ‘Rainbow

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African Music for Peace: ‘We Want Peace’ – Emmanuel Jal

we want peace4

we want peace7

we want peace3Based on the current developments in Juba South Sudan (A coup attempt by an army fraction in Juba yesterday indicates ethno-political tensions among the political elite), I would like to share with you one of the most significant peace anthems produced in Africa during the last years.

In 2010, South Sudanese artist and peace activist Emmanuel Jal started the campaign We Want Peace, for which he created the powerful peace anthem ‘We Want Peace‘. His campaign aims “to raise awareness on the fundamental principles of justice, equality, unification and conflict prevention, through the power of music, worldwide.” Emmanuel Jal is posting very actively on his view on the current situation on his facebook page, but his posts also seem to create controversial debates about the actual conflict causes.

Emmanuel Jal  *-*  ‘We Want Peace

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