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LP ‘Tamala’ – Aminata Wassidjé Traoré

tamalaAminata Wassidjé Traoré has been a rising music star since a couple of years now. It’s just a logical consequence that she now starts to receive the international attention that her music deserves. For those outside Mali, you might have listened to her voice on the legendary Sahelsounds Mixtape ‘Music on Saharan Cellphones Vol.1‘ which featured her track ‘Tamala‘ or ‘La Paix, her collabo with Dirtmusic.

Tamala‘, her (self-produced) debut LP, has been first released by Ghanaian label Akwaaba & Studio Mali, a Bamako based label in 2013 and now again by Glitterbeat Records in March 2014. Traoré’s album is a neo-traditional album which successfully fuses Traorés acoustics that are deeply rooted in Mali’s cultural landscape with modern musical arrangements.

One would highly underestimate the quality of her music if one would only judge it by sound and melody. Her lyrics carry deep and highly moral messages that gives us a picture about Traoré’s worldview and the values that she wants to promote with her music: Tolerance, Peace, Honesty and Family. Listen here to the album and also read the meanings of the songs below the soundcloud.

A few words about the songs (taken from Akwaaba):

Tamala: The history of the Maiga and Toure families, and how they solved their conflicts to live in peace. It tells the story of how the two families developed their “cousinage,” or how they became cousins.

Afrique: This is a song calling for unity among Africans, to work together not against each other, for Peace and progress.

Un Jour:  About a couple who are in love, but the young woman’s parents don’t want them to be together. The young man has lots of questions and worries, and the young women assures him that one day it will all work out and they will be together.

Tamasheq: In Diré we have everything. There are many different ethnic groups in Dire. There are great things in Dire, great teachers, healers and wonderful families. Young people need to realize this and stay there.

Alfouleila: Always be straightforward with people. If you are honest and upfront, you will have everything you need. Everything comes in it’s time, to people who are good and faithful.

Senkou: Sabotage. Making fun of someone who has less is wrong, remember, it is God who gives and it is God who takes it away.

Takamba: The North needs so many things. The people who are causing problems are from the North. Why are they causing problems wrecking their country. There are no roads. The north is underdeveloped. The north needs everything, everything that was started has been stopped.

Do Fa Fa: This is a song about having a strong family and the relationships between brothers and sisters. Family members should always be there for each other. Brothers and Sisters should always help solve each others’ problems.

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‘Talking Drums’ Series – Saint Evo “The Myth”

talking drums2This is the most incredible African House mixtape series I have ever listen to and the best thing is: This series has just started. ‘Talking Drums‘ is a product of the Nairobi/Chicago-based Sentient Sounds Sessions, a monthly podcast that celebrates the diverse culture of House Music as well as alternative genres. The podcasts are hosted by five talented DJs: ST. Evo “The Myth” (Kenya), Taigo Onez (Chicago), Mr. Jake (Kenya), Marcus Ezra (Kenya) and MackBoogaloo (Chicago/Los Angeles).

The House series ‘Talking Drums‘ is crafted by Kenyan DJ Saint Evo “The Myth” and “brings you a variety of rhythms, chants, and the new-age acts of House music from Africa and its evolution within the global music scene. A show derived from the Depths of Africa and deeply rooted in the genres of Afro, Tribal & Equatorial House.”

Listen below to the February and March editions. More to come! Download both editions here for FREE: February & March.

Tracklist (March edition):

Idrissa Sissoko – ‘Wari (Movement Soul Remix)’
Lady X (Feat. Uhuru) – ‘Loving You (Black Motion Mix)’
SoundQuest (Feat. Kholi) – ‘Apocalyptic Love (Vocal Spectrum Mix)’
Risal Sounds, Lil Soul – ‘Take You Away (Original Mix)’
Culoe De Song (feat. Khanyo Maphumulo) – ‘Isondo
Renato Xtrova & Edson PP – ‘Mi Ma Bo (Xtrova Avacalho Remix)’
DJ Malvado (Feat. Landó) – ‘Marimba
Bucie, Heavy-K – ‘Easy to Love
Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko – ‘Stay (Uhuru Mix)’
Lizha James (feat. DJ Clap) – ‘Can You Feel My Love


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‘Happy’ – Pharrell Williams (Cape Town Dance Video)

happyThe track ‘Happy‘ by Pharrell Williams with its 24hour dance video has already inspired many people to direct their own versions of the video, including artists in Cameroon & Benin. Now it received an amazing visual treatment from Cape Town! Directed by Shamiel Soni & Tannan Woods, the video captures the city’s diversity and vibrancy, taking us from Muizenberg beach to lively Long Street in the heart of the city. Capetonians and those of you who had already the chance to experience this amazing city you will be able to recognize many more popular places.

The producer of the video, Nicki Priem, told eTV, about the motivation behind the video: “We are the most amazing city in the world! I think it was important for us to showcase the Mother City’s diversity and beautiful people. We all love the song and the message it portrays and I think the video helps unite our city. It gave us an opportunity to showcase our talents and the city.

Pharrell Williams *-* ‘Happy(Video directed by Shamiel Soni & Tannan Wood in Cape Town)

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LP ‘Balani Show Super Hits: Electronic Street Parties from Mali’ – Sahelsounds

balani2Here is a new release from Sahelsounds, the project by Christopher Kirkley that not only explores the musical richness from the Sahel region but also releases selected pieces so that we only can take part in this exploration. The newest release focuses on the music of so-called Balani shows, frequent street partys in Mali, in which youth take center stage displaying their dance performances to fast paced energetic music. The compilation, available via bandcamp, includes some of the most popular Balani tunes from the past decade.

In the Sahelsounds blog Kirkley wrote a post about these Malian musical get-togethers:

A Balani Show is a public street party organized for a myriad of reasons: a birthday, a wedding, a baptism. The mobility means that it often happens right in front of the house. DJs install massive speakers and hundreds of chairs to encircle the “show.” Music begins in the early evening as the block fills up with hordes of seemingly parent-less children wandering about. After a pause for evening prayer, the real Balani Show begins – the little ones pushed aside to make way for the adolescents and teenagers. Dressed in loud combinations of neon hats, dark sunglasses, and colorful sneakers, they come for the spectacle and participation: dance battles, performances, comedians, party games, fashion contests, and some acrobatic, limb twisting, hyper stylized choreography. …” more on the Sahelsounds blog


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‘Party All Night’ – Shatta Wale (Feat Jah Vinci)

shatta-wRemember the nice Ghanaian-Jamaican collabo between Fuse ODG and Sean Paul on ‘Dangerous Love‘? It seems there is a lot of love that is currently being exchanged in the music world between these two countries. When Jamaican Dancecall artist Jah Vinci recently visited Ghana for the ‘GH-All Star Live’ Concert, he recorded a song with the dancehall shooting star Shatta Wale. ‘Party All Night‘ will definitely keep what it promises. Listen below also to Shatta Wale’s track ‘Dancehall King‘, which made Ghana go crazy for many months. Accra, all night dancing to these Dancehall riddims!

Download ‘Party All Night‘ for free via Afrobeat360.


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