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‘Kuli Kache’ – Chidinma

1757932_Chidinma-Kuli-Kache-Art_jpgf2cf8ec4870927a4db3719a53e51b477Nigeria’s Afro-Pop Princess Chidinma, famous for her breakthrough hit ‘Kedike‘, just released the light dance track ‘Kuli Kache‘, produced by Young-D.

The young artist is slowly establishing herself a very comfortable seat in the competitive Nigerian music scene. We will definitely hear more about her once she releases her sophomore album ‘Miss Kedike‘ at the end of the year.

Download ‘Kuli Kache‘ for FREE via notjustok.


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‘Future Sound of Mzansi Vol. 1 & 2 Mix’ – Spoek Mathambo

future sounds of mzansiWhereas the rational behind Best-of-Mixtapes is to select the best tracks from a certain past, South African music futurist Spoek Mathambo turns the game around and picks music which may dominate South Africa’s music in the future. ‘The Future Sound of Mzansi‘ Mixtapes 1 and 2 are musical prophesies that you can put into your digital music shelves, just next to all version of the Africa-In-Your-Earbuds-Mixtape-Series and Africa21 Mixtapes.

When he compiled the two mixtapes, even Spoek Mathambo got surprised by the diversity and creativity of South Africa’s new producer generation: “Crazy wave of producers coming from all parts of SA … most of them I’d never heard until last week. Good times.

While the Mixtape Vol. 1 focuses on electronic and house music with artists like Oskido, BIG FKN GUN, Card On Spokes , John Wizards, Vol. 2 conatains a mix of Afro Rock, Soul, Funk, Indie & Electronica and includes songs by Petite Noir, The Brother Moves On, Vukazithathe and many others (Tracklist below).

Are you ready? Listen below to the future sound of Mzansi! Vol. 2 is free to download via Soundcloud!

Tracklist Mixtape 1:

Fantasma – ‘Eye Of The Sun‘ (Dj Mpula Remix)
Maramza – ‘Sekwa Sithti‘ (Feat. Ruffest)
Hlasko – ‘Time
Big Space & Albert Axe – ‘Mojado
Moonchild & Maramza – ‘Inkwenkwezi
Okmalumkoolkat – ‘Safe & Sound
Elphnt – ‘Bleep Bloop
DJ Zinhle – ‘My name Is‘ (Feat. Busiswa) (Maramza Mix)
BIG FKN GUN – ‘Gqoma‘ (Feat. Manelis)
Marco Filby – ‘Township Trauma
Bateleur – ‘Divorce‘ (Christian Tiger School Remix)
Ol’tak – ‘Manifest
Card On Spokes – ‘Chocolate Covered Weekend
Cutting Gems – ‘Tonight Baby
Maramza – ‘Tearz
Wildebeats – ‘Sexy Rich Girl
John Wizards – ‘Leuk‘ (OX++_Remix)
John Wizards – ‘Hogsback
Pegasus Warning – ‘The Mountain‘ (Mujava, Spoko, Spoek Mathambo Remix)
Eltonnick – ‘Benda‘ (Feat. Max Tutu)
Madanon, Mreyza, Ceeyaah ‘n Pilado – ‘Idimoni
Tribal Warriors – ‘Lerato‘ (Feat. Noe-Li) (Prod. by Dj Spoko & Panyaza)
Hume da Muzika (Giant of the Dancefloor) – ‘Qamu
Oskido – ‘Tsa Mandebele‘ (Feat. Candy)
Mash.O – ‘The Village
Bhar – ‘Uyabhampa‘ (Feat. Dj Tira and Sir Bubzin)
MrAppleSawc – ‘Clicks Ticks
Jumping Back Slash – ‘Plateaux
Jumping Back Slash – ‘Always Unfinished But Never Outgunned
Madanoni ‘n oBen 10 – ‘Opopayi (Ndakx n Xtralarge)

H/T: Okayafrica

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‘Ekò (Lagos State)’ & ‘Rise’ – Kuku

kuku2Rising Nigerian Yoruba Soul Aritst KUKU will soon drop his new LP ‘Ballads & Blasphemy‘. After his successful release ‘Soldier of Peace‘ in 2012, we can surely expect excellent ballads rooted in Yoruba lyricism and explored through warm Soul music.

We can anticipate to see the following two tracks on the new record. ‘Ekò‘ (Lagos State) is a lovely ballad to one of the most lively spots on the African continent: The ever-moving never-sleeping metropolitan city of Lagos. It’s refreshing to listen to such a slow Lagos anthem – it seems as if KUKU slows down the Lagos busyness for some few moments and enables us a new musical experience of this bustling city: “Lagos State, come know the place, Only the strong will survive in Ekò, I’ve been around, New York and Paris, But nowhere compares to Ekò

The second track ‘Rise’ is a deeply sociopolitical track. KUKU advocates for the ultimate societal transformation – a revolution: “Rise, it’s a revolution, Stand for the future you want, Rise it’s a revolution, Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughter, RISE!“. The two tracks are exciting tracks, that increases our anticipation of his new release.

Watch below also Kuku’s feature on the show My Song on RNW, in which he talks about how he uses his music to criticise the political elite of Nigeria.

KUKU  *-*  ‘Ekò‘ (Lagos State)

KUKU  *-*  ‘Rise

RNW My Song ‘Kuku pleads for Goodlluck Jonathan’s compassion’


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African Music for Peace: ‘Tears For Naija’ – Ice Prince

tears for naija ice princeWell, this track might not be as positive-minded as the other songs in the African Music for Peace-Series. It’s actually a sad song. In ‘Tears for Naija‘ (prod. by Sammy Gyang) Nigerian artist Ice Prince Zamani‘s translates the anger and frustration about Nigeria’s deteriorating security crisis into a song and reflective questions about his mother country. By asking “Now, tell me why you kidnap my sister?”, he confronts the Boko Haram sect, which abducted more than 200 girls from a Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State.

But he is not pointing with a finger at one particular group of people. His lament remembers the relatively peaceful times Nigeria used to experience in the 1990’s and asks his country what has happened: “My beautiful Nigeria, me na get you no more … I used to know peace, love, harmony”. Although Ice Prince’s voice sounds sorrowful it still shows signs of hope.

Note: Just five days after Ice Prince released this track Jos, the town where he was raised, experienced twin bomb blasts that left more than one hundred people dead.

You may download the track for free via soundcloud.

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‘Appreciation Mix 800k’ – DJ Black Coffee

black coffee copyWhile some artists quietly count the likes they receive on Facebook, others celebrate them and give back the love. South African music genius DJ Black Coffee clearly belongs to the second category. After he has already provided his fans a mixtape gift for 700.000 likes on his Facebook-page, he has now delivered a new mix for having reached the 800.000 mark.

Enjoy this amazing Afro-House-mixtape crafted by one of the best DJs on this earth. Unfortunately he didn’t provide a tracklist.

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