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‘Natives’ – Xtatic (Feat. Fancy Fingers, Kahi, Poet Teardrops, Fadhilee Ituliya)

xtatic let me explainIn September 2012, JUSI I LOVE introduced to you, a rising Kenyan Hip Hop artist called Xtatic. The young artist has since then developed her artistry. In her recently mixtape ‘Let Me Explain‘, you can listen to the fruits of this hard work. I would like to share with you the amazing track ‘Natives‘, which features Fancy Fingers, Kahi, Poet Teardrops and Fadhilee Ituliya. It’s an anthem that vibrates through Xtatic’s pride about her African roots.

You can listen to the mixtape in its entirety below. Okayfrica just premiered the video for ‘Let Me Explain’.

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