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‘Malukayi’ & ‘Kala’ – Mbongwana Star

Mbongwana StarHere comes a new band from Kinshasa (DRC) with a revolutionary sound that makes the term ‘genre’ obsolete. The Mbongwana Star (Mbongwana means ‘Change’ in Lingala) fuse Funk, Rock and Congolese sounds not minding any musical borders or limits. Their first released track ‘Malukayi‘ – which feautres Konono No.1 –  is an ever vibrating melange of electronic melodies, drum beats, guitar riffs and Lingala chants.

The b&w-video for the tune paced tune ‘Kala‘, shot on Kinshasa’s streets, is an excellent visualization of Mbongwana Star’s sound. The tune surprises with an incredible speed and continuous changes.

You can purchase the single ‘Malukayi‘ via World Circuit. Their debut album ‘1.000.000 C’est quoi?’ will be released this coming May and they will tour in the Netherlands, Belgium and France in April/ May (Tour dates).

Mbongwana Star  *-*  ‘Kala

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‘Cocoa Na Chocolate’ – D’banj, Diamond, Femi Kuti, Fally Ipupa, Juliani, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Victoria Kimani, Omawumi, Kunle Ayo, Dontom, Bufallo Souljah, Dama Do Bling, Judith Sephuma, Vusi Nova, Liz Ogumbo, Nancy G, Rachid Taha, Wax Dey

Cocoa-Na-Chocolate-March-2014-BN-Music-BellaNaija-01-600x600This excellent track does not only has a world class line-up, it also channels a unique and very important message. ‘Cocoa Na Chocolate‘ advocates for improved and extended food security on the African continent and is the track of the campaign ‘Do Agric – It Pays’, launched by It is addressed to African policy makers who should implement the needed policies to support the agricultural sector. Again, it also appeals to African youth and wants to encourage them to get into agriculture: Do Agric, It Pays.

The Cobhams Asuquo produced track features 18 great artists from 11 different African countries: D’banj, Femi Kuti, Omawumi, Kunle Ayo, Dontom (Nigeria), Diamond (Tanzania), Fally Ipupa (DRC), Juliani, Victoria Kimani, Liz Ogumbo (Kenya) Bufallo Souljah (Zimbabwe), Dama Do Bling (Mozambique), Judith Sephuma, Vusi Nova (South Africa), Nancy G (Swaziland), Rachid Taha (Algeria), Tiken Jah Fakoly (Cote d’Ivoire), and Wax Dey (Cameroon).

Sign this petition here, and you can download the track for FREE. If you want to know more abou the campaign, visit the homepage of Read here about Juliani’s personal motivation to take part in the campagin. Listen below to an interview with Nigerian artist D’Banj who explains why he is on the track.

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Hommage to Tabu Ley Rochereau

tabu copyOn the 30th November 2013, the DR Congo and the whole African continent lost one of the most influential musical artist of the 20th century: Pascal-Emmanuel Sinamoyi Tabu better known as Tabu Ley Rochereau. Together with the guitarist Dr. Nico Kasanra, Rochereau pioneered the music genre soukous, the ‘African rumba’, and made it popular thoughout the African continent and beyond. He gained great popularity for his engagement in the bands African Fiesta and Orchestre Afrisa International. In the mid 1980’s he discovered the 22-year old talent M’bilia Bel’s, with who he sang many songs. In 1988 Rochereau went into exile and became an open critic of the Mobuto regime. After Mobuto was ousted in 1997, he returned into the DRC, went into politics and held several political positions, including Vice-Governor of Kinshasa.

The government of the D.R.C organized a state funeral for him on the 9th december, which was declared a holiday. Thousands came to pay their tribute to the musical giant. Rochereau became 73 years old.

Mobuto said: “Does Rochereau realize the magnitude of a song? Because the newspaper will not be bought by the old lady in the street unless she uses it to wrap her donuts. But a song goes everywhere. The housewife even while crushing her cassava and making attiéké (couscous) out of it, she listens to the song. The street does not have to make any effort to understand its meaning.” – Tabu Ley Rochereau, in “Music is the weapon of the Future” by Frank Tenaille


Tabu Ley Rochereau  *-*  ‘Kelya

Tabu Ley Rochereau  *-*  ‘Pitié

Tabu Ley Rochereau & Mbilia Bel  *-*  ‘Loyenge

Tabu Ley Rochereau & Mbilia Bel  *-*  ‘Nelson Mandela

Tabu Ley Rochereau  *-*  ‘Mokolo Nakokufa

Tabu Ley Rochereau  *-*  ‘Maze

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‘Zombie’ – Spoek Mathambo (Feat. The Frown, Fever Trails, Petite Noir, Zaki Ibrahim, Ukhamba Soul)

Spoek Zombie

Spoek Zombie3

Spoek Zombie2I have always been a fan of South African mastermind Spoek Mathambo. His remix of Fela Kuti’s 1976 classic track ‘Zombie‘ – in collabo with The Frown, Fever Trails, Petite Noir, Zaki Ibrahim & Ukhamba Soul – is truly a masterpiece. It released with many other remixes of Fela tracks on the Red Hot Fela Album.

However, as much as I like the remix, I think that the video fails completely to consider the crucial socio-political dimension of Fela’s original. ‘Zombie‘ was one of Fela’s most political tracks as it was a direct critique of soldiers in the army during Nigeria’s military regime who followed instructions without questioning them. Just after its release in 1976, his commune ‘Kalakuta Republic‘ was attacked by hundreds of Nigerian soldiers and in the process they threw her mother from the first floor. She received serious injuries and never completely recovered. She died one year later. Considering the fact that the remix was engineered by South Africa(n) based artists, the video could have focused on police violence in South Africa, e.g. the Marikana massacre.

Spoek Mathambo  *-*  ‘Zombie‘ (Feat. The Frown, Fever Trails, Petite Noir, Zaki Ibrahim, Ukhamba Soul) (Purchase via itunes)

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‘Mutoto’ – Lokua Kanza



Mutoto4During the last weeks I have realized how much my posting activity tends to consider only newly released staff except my series on African classics. There are many beautiful songs I would like to share with you that are neither fresh nor can they be regarded as classics. In future you will also listen to and watch songs and videos on JUSI I LOVE that might not be new but – I think – deserve to be shared to a larger audience. I hope you will enjoy them!

I will start this new approach by showing you ‘Mutoto‘, a wonderful Swahili-Soul song by Lokua Kanza, which the Congolese (DRC) singer released 1994 on his widely celebrated debut album ‘Lokua Kanza‘.

Lokua Kanza  *-*  ‘Mutoto(itunes)

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