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‘Matatya’ – Monoswezi



matatya6Mark the date in your calendar. On the 26th of May Monoswezi (‘Ndinewe‘) will release their sophomore album ‘Monoswezi Yanga‘ via Riverboat/ World Music Network. The Scandinavian/African ensemble rose to popularity within a few weeks after the release of their debut album ‘The Village‘, which reached #2 on JUSI I LOVE’s list for 10 Best albums in 2013. The name of the band consists of the words ‘Mono‘ (Greek = ‘one’) and ‘Swezi‘ (native language in Southern Africa = ‘world’). Just as the name reflects different backgrounds, their sound continues to melt together voices and instruments, ‘traditionally’ rooted in specific places and put together in new places – for new purposes.

The video for the wonderful track ‘Matatya‘ was directed in Malaysia by Afiq Zulkefli. The song starts slowly and at some point the warm and gentle voice of Hope Masike (‘Huyai Tinamate‘) picks us up and takes us to a tour to the sound of Monoswezi.

  Monoswezi  *-*  ‘Matatya

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‘Cocoa Na Chocolate’ – D’banj, Diamond, Femi Kuti, Fally Ipupa, Juliani, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Victoria Kimani, Omawumi, Kunle Ayo, Dontom, Bufallo Souljah, Dama Do Bling, Judith Sephuma, Vusi Nova, Liz Ogumbo, Nancy G, Rachid Taha, Wax Dey

Cocoa-Na-Chocolate-March-2014-BN-Music-BellaNaija-01-600x600This excellent track does not only has a world class line-up, it also channels a unique and very important message. ‘Cocoa Na Chocolate‘ advocates for improved and extended food security on the African continent and is the track of the campaign ‘Do Agric – It Pays’, launched by It is addressed to African policy makers who should implement the needed policies to support the agricultural sector. Again, it also appeals to African youth and wants to encourage them to get into agriculture: Do Agric, It Pays.

The Cobhams Asuquo produced track features 18 great artists from 11 different African countries: D’banj, Femi Kuti, Omawumi, Kunle Ayo, Dontom (Nigeria), Diamond (Tanzania), Fally Ipupa (DRC), Juliani, Victoria Kimani, Liz Ogumbo (Kenya) Bufallo Souljah (Zimbabwe), Dama Do Bling (Mozambique), Judith Sephuma, Vusi Nova (South Africa), Nancy G (Swaziland), Rachid Taha (Algeria), Tiken Jah Fakoly (Cote d’Ivoire), and Wax Dey (Cameroon).

Sign this petition here, and you can download the track for FREE. If you want to know more abou the campaign, visit the homepage of Read here about Juliani’s personal motivation to take part in the campagin. Listen below to an interview with Nigerian artist D’Banj who explains why he is on the track.

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‘Xiluva’ – Kakana



kakana6This is one of those songs that immediately catches your attention. ‘Xiluva‘ is a wonderful AfroPop track by Mozambican duo Kakana, who consists of lead vocalist Yolanda Chicane and guitarist Jimmy Gwaza. The group has released their first LP, called ‘Serenata‘, in July and are set to become known beyond the borders of their home country. The beautiful colorful video blends perfectly with the great sound of the track. It was created by Maocha’s Filmes and produced by Kakana Eventos, the group’s own production company.

Kakana  *-*  ‘Xiluva

H/T: Africa is a country

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African music for peace: Native Sun for ‘Voices for Syria’

1277604_499460096811514_425072222_oNot having any family roots or direct connection to Syria does not prevent UK-based group Native Sun to use their most powerful means, their voice, to speak for peace in Syria. I really admire the sociopolitical conscious of their musical mission. Native Sun will participate in the initiative ‘Voices for Syria‘ giving four concerts in the UK (London, Sheffield, Manchester & Glascow, 3rd-6th October) along with four other acts. In a recent interview with Acatasia once again Sarina Leah explained their world-changing approach:

“We aim to better our lifestyles, how we live, how we think, how we feel, how we can prepare a better world for the future generations to come. Our music is a piece of a massive shift in humanity’s desire for us to be rid of war, greed and power control, corruption, complete ignorance and dismissal of the value of people’s lives, animal, sea, plant life … and so forth. Balance is key… negative things live side by side with positive but if positivity had more visibility on our TV screens, conversations, positive life in general would far outweight the negative and be more effective in all our lives. Music is a powerful tool for change in the minds and hearts of people this is important to us to share. It can heal and bring hope.”


Listen here to three inspirational songs or “tools for change in the minds and hearts of people”:

Native Sun  *-*  ‘Gallery of Dreams(purchase via bandcamp)

Native Sun  *-*  ‘Senses(purchase via bandcamp)

Native Sun  *-*  ‘Lightness of Happiness(purchase via bandcamp)


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Introducing: Monoswezi

monoswezi 27Monoswezi is without any doubt the band of the moment! Their album ‘The Village‘ needed only one week after its release on itunes to climb on spot #7 of the World Music charts. It can be regarded as one of the most impressive releases 2013 has so far seen. The group appeared in the international media and are since then busy collecting excellent reviews (The Guardian, CNN, AfriPOP, OkayAfrica, Financial Times, etc).

At the heart of their music are traditional songs from Zimbabwe and Mozambique, sung by Hope Masike and Calu Tsemane. The vocals are accompined by brilliant Mbira play by Hope Masike and smooth Scandinavian jazz, performed by Hallvard Godal, Putte Johander and Erik Nylander. Listening to the album, you will realise the great quality of Monoswezi’s sound does not only lie in their ability to blend different sounds but in succeeding to create one sound – the sound of Monoswezi.

Listen below to the praise song ‘Ndinewe‘ and watch their life performance of ‘Mapfunde‘ at the Oslo World Music Festival.

Monoswezi  *-*  ‘Ndinewe

Monoswezi  *-*  ‘Mapfunde

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