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‘Matatya’ – Monoswezi



matatya6Mark the date in your calendar. On the 26th of May Monoswezi (‘Ndinewe‘) will release their sophomore album ‘Monoswezi Yanga‘ via Riverboat/ World Music Network. The Scandinavian/African ensemble rose to popularity within a few weeks after the release of their debut album ‘The Village‘, which reached #2 on JUSI I LOVE’s list for 10 Best albums in 2013. The name of the band consists of the words ‘Mono‘ (Greek = ‘one’) and ‘Swezi‘ (native language in Southern Africa = ‘world’). Just as the name reflects different backgrounds, their sound continues to melt together voices and instruments, ‘traditionally’ rooted in specific places and put together in new places – for new purposes.

The video for the wonderful track ‘Matatya‘ was directed in Malaysia by Afiq Zulkefli. The song starts slowly and at some point the warm and gentle voice of Hope Masike (‘Huyai Tinamate‘) picks us up and takes us to a tour to the sound of Monoswezi.

  Monoswezi  *-*  ‘Matatya

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‘Let Go’ & ‘Hear Me’ – The Very Best

LET GO very bestDuring the last weeks The Very Best (‘Maso Luso‘, ‘We OK‘, ‘Suma Rokia‘) released two excellent tracks from their new highly anticipated album ‘Makes A King‘ (track list), which will be released on 6 April by Moshi Moshi.

While ‘Let Go‘ sounds much more positive and danceable, ‘Hear Me‘ is a low-paced track that carries socio-political messages, as Johan Hugo explains: “We wrote this song in May 2014, only days before the Malawi general elections. It was also the 50th anniversary for Malawi independence from colonial rule. … Esau really wanted to write a song about the corruption, poverty, struggle of Malawi, and how frustrated he was about the fact that very little has changed since independence.”

Watch below also the video for ‘Hear Me‘, which was shot in Mdala Chikowa, Malawi.

  The Very Best  *-*  ‘Hear Me

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‘Suma Rokia’ – Baaba Maal

baaba malI can’t understand how such tracks can fall off the radar. Johan Hugo (one half of genious duo The Very Best) produced the track ‘Suma Rokia‘ for Senegalese star Baaba Maal with UK rising pop artist Seye contributing his talents via the guitar.

Hugo succeeds to fuse Baaba’s acoustics with an eclectic house beat – creating an exceptional party track. This Senegal-Sweden-UK collabo proves to be the right track after a stressful week. Listen below also to another Johan Hugo produced track called ‘Unbreakable‘, which features British-Algerian singer Yadi, Baaba Maal and The Very Best.

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Mothers Day!

African-Woman-with-ChildI know I’m late on this one but better late than never. The following three videos are dedicated to all mothers out there, who show their children amazing love on a daily basis. Without them we would literally be nothing. We love you!

Here are three songs that express that gratitude and love we feel for our mothers: First the Nigerian classic ‘Sweet mother‘ performed by Ghanaian artist Jesse Appiah, followed by Congolese S King 1 with Mama‘, a beautiful ode for his mother. Finally The Very Best with their popular track ‘Super Mom‘.


Jesse Appiah  *-*  ‘Sweet Mother

S King 1  *-*  ‘Mama

  The Very Best  *-*  ‘Super Mom


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Introducing: Monoswezi

monoswezi 27Monoswezi is without any doubt the band of the moment! Their album ‘The Village‘ needed only one week after its release on itunes to climb on spot #7 of the World Music charts. It can be regarded as one of the most impressive releases 2013 has so far seen. The group appeared in the international media and are since then busy collecting excellent reviews (The Guardian, CNN, AfriPOP, OkayAfrica, Financial Times, etc).

At the heart of their music are traditional songs from Zimbabwe and Mozambique, sung by Hope Masike and Calu Tsemane. The vocals are accompined by brilliant Mbira play by Hope Masike and smooth Scandinavian jazz, performed by Hallvard Godal, Putte Johander and Erik Nylander. Listening to the album, you will realise the great quality of Monoswezi’s sound does not only lie in their ability to blend different sounds but in succeeding to create one sound – the sound of Monoswezi.

Listen below to the praise song ‘Ndinewe‘ and watch their life performance of ‘Mapfunde‘ at the Oslo World Music Festival.

Monoswezi  *-*  ‘Ndinewe

Monoswezi  *-*  ‘Mapfunde

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