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‘Ginger Me Slowly’ (Video) – Somi

ginger me slowly video2

ginger me slowly video

ginger me slowly video4Rising jazz star Somi (‘Last Song‘, ‘Enganjyani‘) has just dropped a b&w video for her track ‘Ginger Me Slowly’, taken from her excellent album ‘The Lagos Music Salon‘. Her love for the Nigerian metropolis Lagos and especially the slang Lagosians speak (popularly known as Pidgin), inspired her to record the track ‘Ginger Me Slowly‘: “I was inspired by the Lagos slang expression “to ginger someone” meaning to spice someone up and make them feel good.”

You can download the track ‘Ginger Me‘ via itunes. Watch below the video as well as a live version of the track, which she recorded for Ndani TV.

  Somi  *-*  ‘Ginger Me Slowly

  Somi  *-*  ‘Ginger Me Slowly‘ (Live)

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LP ‘The Lagos Music Salon’ – Somi

the lagos music salon somiThe music on Somi‘s new album ‘The Lagos Music Salon‘ is world-class Jazz. Her sound is so intimate, so lively, so deep, so beautiful, it is simply magic. As the album title indicates, it is the result of a musical relationship with Lagos, the Nigerian metropolis. In 2009, the singer of Rwandan and Ugandan descent decided to move to Lagos for 1 1/2 years and started to get inspired by the town itself as well as by collaborations with local artists:

It grew into a series where I’d invite local artists to perform as well. That work greatly enriched my experience, challenged me to think more about African notions of cultural intimacy, and gave birth to The Lagos Music Salon concept” (Okeh Records).

It is fascinating how Somi succeeds to bring together the lightness of sweet melodies with very deep and serious social issues, issues that most of us just want to ignore in our daily lives. On the track ‘Four African Women‘ for example, she tells the stories of four women who experienced a different hardship in their lives: genocide, skin bleaching, circumcision and prostitution. In the dramatic track ‘Brown Round Things‘ she sings about sexual exploitation that prostitutes face. American rapper Common joins her in ‘When Rivers Cry‘, an advocacy track for Africa’s polluted nature. Somi invites us to listen to these issues from another perspective, actually from another level of conscious, which can probably only be reached by Jazz music.

Watch the video for the track ‘Last Song’ and listen below to snippets of all of her songs from the new album. You can purchase the album via itunes here.

Somi  *-*  ‘Last Song

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‘NdaguKunda Cyane’ – Ruyonga (Feat. Benny Black & J. Kalimba)

ruyingaIn this trilateral musical collabo, Ruyonga (Uganda), Benny Black (Burundi) & J. Kalimba (Rwanda) are not only fostering relations within the East African Community (EAC) but deliver a first class Hip Hop song. ‘NdaguKunda Cyane‘ is a love song which was released mid February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It was produced by JT & Yego.

Download the ‘love’ for FREE via Soundcloud!

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‘Smile’ – Tshila

Slide 1I would like to share with you a song by Ugandan artist Tshila, who I introduced to you recently in another post. The beautiful acoustic track ‘Smile‘ is taken from her soundcloud, where she has recently uploaded some songs she seems to be working on currently. Although she calls them humbly ‘work in progress‘ or ‘rough drafts‘, they sound like much more than that and give us a glimpse of what we can expect from her second album.

She dedicates the track ‘Smile‘ to her niece knowing that one day she will be down and Tshila hopes that this song will cheer her up. I’m quite sure, it will … and it will additionally even cheer us up!

“… Tell me why you look so sad
It looks like you just need a friend
I can see your worn outside
And what’s deep inside its just not the same

Life’s too short to spend in tears
I know your low and sometimes ashamed
Give it time and you’ll be fine
Don’t hurt yourself cause its not the end …”

Tshila  *-*  ‘Smile


Introducing: Tshila

thila3Tshila is an amazingly talented artist from Kampala, Uganda whose delightful Afro-Pop can quickly transform your low mood into a smile. Her music fuses not only the art forms of music and poetry but also traditional Ugandan music with modern elements, like Pop, Hip Hop and Reggae. She released her debut album ‘Slipping From The Nile‘ in 2007 and she is currently working on her second album. We definitely need to follow Tshila’s upcoming projects.

Listen below to her tracks ‘Khube Atweela‘, ‘Buli Shesi Nghola (Whatever I Do)’, ‘Omubbi Waakuno (Village Thief)‘ and ‘Namboozo‘.  Watch also a video with a live performance of ‘Khube Atwela‘, in which Tshila also speaks about her motivation to be change society through her music. ‘Khube Atweela‘ for example is a song in Lugisu, a language from Eastern Uganda and means “Let’s Be One”. In this song Tshila appeals to human beings to stop creating imaginary divisions amongst themselves and acknowledge that humanity is one and that human beings are same and shall learn to love each other regardless of race, creed, religion or class.

Tshila  *-*  ‘Khube Atweela (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Buli Shesi Nghola (Whatever I Do)’ (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Omubbi Waakuno (Village Thief)(Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Namboozo (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Tshila performs Khube Atwela for BBC Africa Beats

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