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‘Fofoulah’ LP – Fofoulah

foufoulahFofoulah, founded in London in 2011, is a quintet whose music is build on the beats of the Sabar drums, a traditional form of Wolof drumming from Gambia and Senegal. The band consists of Kaw Secka (Irok) on Sabar drums, Johnny Brierley (Outhouse Ruhabi) on bass, Tom Challenger (Red Snapper) on saxophone and keyboards, Phil Stevenson (Iness Mezel) on guitar and Dave Smith (Robert Plant’s Sensational Space Shifters) on drums. Their sound is so innovative and experimental (with elements of electronic music, dub and afro-rock) as it is rooted in the rich musical tradition of West Africa. A truly captivating sound!

Their debut LP ‘Fofoulah‘ will be released on 19 September 2014 on Glitterbeat (Aziza Brahim, Aminata Wassidjé Traoré, Ben Zabo). You can purchase the LP on bandcamp.

Listen below to three tracks from the album: ‘No Troubles (Kelinte)‘, ‘Make Good (Soumala)‘, ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Unravel, Safe Travels‘, which features UK singer Ghostpoet.

Lets join together, leave conflict and work together. There is peace in community
– from ‘No Troubles (Kelinte)

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‘Bayonet’ – Seye

bayonet seyeNigeria-born and Ecuador/Netherlands/UK-raised Seye (pronounced Shey-ah) delivers a fresh summer tune. ‘Bayonet‘ does not only sound like a wonderful pop track, it is perfectly produced and has the potential to be played on major radio stations. Many may know Seye from his collaborations with The Very Best (‘Kondaine‘ or ‘Masu Luso‘). He has already produced other excellent tracks (‘White Nose‘ or ‘Mexicana Bounce‘) that all increase our thirst for more stuff from this very promising artist.

Listen below to ‘Bayonet’ or watch the animated video:

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‘Love Call’ EP – Eric Lau & Tawiah

lau tawiahUK/Ghanaian artist Tawiah (‘Sealion‘) just dropped the EP ‘Love Call‘ – in collaboration with UK producer and DJ Eric Lau. The EP consists of five excellent soul tracks with sweet lyrics written by Eric Lau and Tawiah that should find you press the replay button – again and again.

Tawiah’s popularity has enormously risen after her amazing LP ‘FREEdomDROP‘, ranked by JUSI I LOVE as the 8th best album in 2013. The duo has already worked together on the track ‘Where to Go Now‘ (below), which featured on Eric Lau’s LP ‘One of Many‘.

Listen below also to the track that Tawiah created together with the Producer Starsmith, aka Fin Dow-Smith, called ‘Be My Love‘.

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Okayafrica – Africa in your earbuds #51 – DJ Zach Cowie

OKAyafrica-ZACH-COWIE-l-715x715In the 51st version of the Africa-in-your-Earbuds-Series Los Angeles-based DJ Zach Cowie (Turquoise Wisdom) provides us with a very fine selection of disco/boogie/electronic party tunes. He invites us to an impressive travel through space (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Togo) and time (late 70’s/ early 80’s). This mix might come as a surprise to many who were not aware of the heavy funk and disco influence that music scenes in Africa experienced in the 70’s and 80’s. You will surely enjoy this lesson in modern African music history.

The mixtape includes tracks by Lijadu Sisters, Francis Bebey and William Onyeabor among many.

1. Salome Nolega & Girls – “Mulima Hale” – Kenyan Songs and Strings 1950 & 1952 – Sharp Wood – Kenya
2. Lijadu Sisters – “Not Any Longer” – Double Trouble – Shanachie – Nigeria
3. Francis Bebey – “The Coffee Cola Song” – African Electronic Music 1975-1982 – Born Bad – Cameroon
4. Harari – “Party” – Supafrico Vol 1 – Supafrico – South Africa
5. Kiki Gyan – “Disco Dancer” – 24 Hours In A Disco – Soundway – Ghana
6. Joe Moks – “Boys And Girls” – Brand New Wayo – Comb & Razor – Nigeria
7. Agar Story – “Christina Lover (Sofrito Edit)” – Tropical Discotheque Ep Vol. 2 – Sofrito – ?
8. Jombo – “Squeeze Me” – Pure Pleasure – Tembo – Nigeria
9. KH (aka Four Tet) – “The track i’ve been playing that people keep asking about…” – 12″ – Text – UK
10. Cos Ber Zam – “Ne Noya (Daphni Edit)” – 12″ – Jiaolong – Togo
11. Tiyiselani Yomaseve – “Yanghoma” – Shangaan Electro New Wave Dance Music From South Africa – Honest Jon’s – South Africa
12. Ata Kak – “Daa Nyinaa (Noema’s Tribute Edit) – African Shakedown – African Shakedown – Ghana
13. Black Soul – “Mangous Ye (12″ Disco Version)” – Supafrico Vol. 6 – Supafrico – Dakar
14. N’draman Blintch – “I First ‘U’ Last” – Cikamele – Cosmic Sounds – Nigeria
15. William Onyeabor – “Everyday” – Anything You Sow – Wilifilms – Nigeria

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‘Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix’ – DJ Juls

dj juls gbeshi afrobeats mixtapeDJ Juls delivered again a quality product: The British-Ghanaian DJ – surely one of the best 10 DJs in this world when it comes to Afrobeats – dropped the brilliant ‘Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix‘.

Many Afrobeats-Mixtapes sound like a simple playlist full of the most popular club tracks. The quality of mixtapes cannot be measured alone by the popularity of the included tracks but by the ability of a sound-engineer to create an interesting and diverse mix that considers new tracks and fuses sounds. DJ Juls strikes the balance in brilliant style and invites us listen to great tracks from Naija, Ghana and beyond. If you want to hear more of DJ Juls’ mixtapes, check out his mixology here.

Gbeshi Afrobeats Mix‘ can be downloaded for free here.


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