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‘Mukampokelele’ – James Sakala

james sakala During the last years, Zambia has proved to generate exciting musical talents (Namvula, Wezi, Zone Fam, Mutinta, Chisamo or Scarlet), which all deserve much more attention and a global audience.

James Sakala is another very talented artist of this new generation. His live performances are so convincing that even Zimbabwean legend Oliver ‘Tuku’Mtukudzi (‘Neria‘) was impressed by his performance at the Stanbic Misty Jazz Festival. According to The Daily Mail he even wrote him an e-mail: “James, I remember you on stage putting up a very awesome performance. Keep doing you (be yourself) and you’ll never have competition“.

Listen below to ‘Mukampokelele‘, the first track of Sakala’s forthcoming debut album ‘Insale‘, produced by Ben Blazer, which is now complete and is currently being mixed and mastered. Expect the album to be released in April 2015.

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‘Africa’, ‘Kumushi’ & ‘Na Ndayeya’ – Namvula

NamvulaI would like to share with you three amazing tracks of a newcomer artist from who we will definitely hear more in future. Namvula is one of many female Zambian artists (like Wezi, Mutinta, Chisamo or Scarlet), who are leading a new generation of Zambian artists and she is cleraly one of the most promising artists among them. Her Afrofolk/pop is refreshing in sound and revolutionary in its lyrics.

Whereas tracks like ‘Kumushi‘ and ‘Na Ndayeya (Part 2)‘ stand out because of their perfect instrumental and vocal harmony, ‘Africa‘ shows a distinct socio-political message. Namvula’s music is gently rebelling against current injustices on the African continent. The tracks are taken from her forthcoming album ‘Shiwezwa‘ (follow the artist on Facebook to receive updates on the release date).

Namvula is not only a musician and photographer but also engageed in the organisation Baobab Cente for Young Survivors in Exile where young people from communities broken by violence have theopportunity to build confidence, find their own voice and share their opinions.

You see me through eyes blinded by what you think you know
From now on shall I be defined by the boundaries of your mind
Shall I bound my back, Shall I shut my mouth
Shall I leave my pride behind and walk on blind
On a besoin d’une révolution (we need a revolution)
On besoin de Thomas Sankara, de Patrice Lumumba, on a besoin
You tell me that my truth isn’t enough to set me free ...”
– Namvula in ‘Africa


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‘Loving You’ – Zone Fam (Feat. Wezi)

Loving-you_track-artZambian band Zone Fam, who established themselves as the main Zambian music export product, are currently busy working on their sophomore album. In order to give us a glimpse of what we ca expect, they have now released the sweet Hip Hop ballad ‘Loving You‘, which features Zambian Afrosoul shooting star Wezi. This was the collabo we have been waiting for!

On her part, Wezi sings these beautiful lines: “Zuuba na usiku wa neh, Chikondi na Chimwemwe cha neh (My sunshine & night time, my love & joy)”

The producer of the track, Mr. Rox, fused Hip Hop with elements of Zamrock, a genre that emerged in Zambia during the 1970s and is described as a combination of Jimi Hendrix’s psychedelic rock and James Brown’s funk. The genre is currently experencing a revival. In case you are more interested in Zamrock, you may follow the blog Zamrock.

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‘Eponaba’ – Roberto



Eponaba3It’s unfortunate that many do not know about Zambian’s vibrant music scene. There are many talented artists the world needs to know about. JUSI I LOVE has so far featured songs of following artists: Alpha RomeoChisamo, Mampi, Mutinta, Scarlet, Wezi and Zone Fam. Today, I would like to show you Roberto‘s Afro-Pop love track ‘Eponaba‘ (Am There), which he released four months ago. The Zambian music star recently dropped the visuals for the track. Watch the video below!

Roberto  *-*  ‘Eponaba(FREE Download via reverbnation)

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Wetin dey happen?! #12

translateIt’s weekend time and therefore the right moment to check on some of the recent dancefloor tracks. Let’s start with Zambian star ensemble Zone Fam and their fresh track ‘Translate‘ in Nairobi. We continue in East Africa with the brand new video for MusikMaestro‘s ‘Juju‘ and a comeback track ‘Chali Wa Kibera‘ of veteran Tanzanian singer Mr. Nice. On the next track we see a Nigerian collabo by newcomer Adaz and high-life musician Flavour Nabania in ‘Ulena‘ and we finish with ‘Body Flame, a collabo by Ghanaians Samini and dancefloor queen Kaakie. Enjoy your weekend!

Zone Fam  *-*  ‘Translate

MusikMaestro  *-*  ‘Juju

Mr Nice  *-*  ‘Chali Wa Kibera

Adaz  *-*  ‘Ulena‘ (Feat. Flavour)

  Samini  *-*  ‘Body Flame‘ (Feat. Kaakie)

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