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‘Matatya’ – Monoswezi



matatya6Mark the date in your calendar. On the 26th of May Monoswezi (‘Ndinewe‘) will release their sophomore album ‘Monoswezi Yanga‘ via Riverboat/ World Music Network. The Scandinavian/African ensemble rose to popularity within a few weeks after the release of their debut album ‘The Village‘, which reached #2 on JUSI I LOVE’s list for 10 Best albums in 2013. The name of the band consists of the words ‘Mono‘ (Greek = ‘one’) and ‘Swezi‘ (native language in Southern Africa = ‘world’). Just as the name reflects different backgrounds, their sound continues to melt together voices and instruments, ‘traditionally’ rooted in specific places and put together in new places – for new purposes.

The video for the wonderful track ‘Matatya‘ was directed in Malaysia by Afiq Zulkefli. The song starts slowly and at some point the warm and gentle voice of Hope Masike (‘Huyai Tinamate‘) picks us up and takes us to a tour to the sound of Monoswezi.

  Monoswezi  *-*  ‘Matatya

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‘Zvichapera’ – Chiwoniso

chiwoniso newThe greatest mbira queen she was, an eternal mbira legend she will always remain. Chiwoniso left this world too early, but her artistry and musical heritage will continue to be a true blessing for this world. JUSI I LOVE paid her a homage in a blog post a few days after she passed. Now, the new record lable Nyami Nyami records  released a track, which Chiwoniso recorded some weeks before she died. ‘Zvichapera‘ is an awesome track, in which Chiwoniso yet again performs with virtuosity and yet again proved why she was called the ‘Mbira queen’.

The track will be released on 15th April and distributed by Sofa Records.

H/T: Okayafrica

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‘Huyai Tinamate’ – Hope Masike

huyayi tinamate3

huyayi tinamate1

huyayi tinamate2Zimbabwean Mbira artist Hope Masike (‘Rudo Harunakufina‘ & ‘Povo m’povo‘) just released the creative visuals for her new track ‘Huyai Tinamate‘. The melodious tune has deep a religious meaning as Hope Masike explains: “Huyai Tinamate, both the song and the video are inspired by the Word that says we must stay prayerful and watchful … This video is a short story about what happens when we pray without ceasing … Lets keep praying, and encouraging each other to do so, regardless of difference in religion.”

The video makes use of visuals, beautiful costumes and invites us to reflect on the daily struggles that humans have to endure. As much as hard times and pain may be part of our lifes, the song encourages us to be hopeful.

  Hope Masike  *-*  ‘Huyia Tinamate‘ 

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‘Handei Kumafaro’ – Kyriah Dee

kyriah dee3Kyriah Dee (pronounced Key-ra-ya) is a young Zimbabwean singer, who we should closely follow in future. The music of the Dublin-based artist shows elements of Afrobeat/ Soul/ Jazz and Pop. She discovered her passion and talent for music through gospel music and developed an admirable repertoire since then. Kyriah Dee belongs to a generation of young female Zimbabwean artists, like Hope Masike, Rina Mushonga and Chashe.

Her newest piece, ‘Handei Kumafaro‘, is a very danceable Afrobeat track, which serves as an appetizer for her soon-to-be-released LP ‘Kyrisal‘ (out 21/02/15). It was produced by Chucky Chrysal and features Anton Peteltchits on Saxophone. The song title is Shona and loosely translated means ‘Lets go Party‘.

You can purchase the track via itunes.

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‘Zvekupenga (We GoTogether)’ – Chashe & Tinashe Makura


Zimbabwean artists Chashe (‘Dhi‘) and Tinashe Makura (‘Hello‘) came together to create the lovely Afropop ballad ‘Zvekupenga‘. The collabo-track, sung in Shona and English, was written by the two artists and produced by Anton Morgan. It’s a light Pop track that shines trough its beautiful lyrics and its positive vibe.

Get the track via Bandcamp.

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