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‘Crazy Love’ – E.L (Feat. Ice Prince)

E.L-Crazy-Love-ArtDo you remember how well the year started when Diamond and Davido released their wonderful Tanzanian-Nigerian collabo for the track ‘Number On (Remix)‘? Here is another nice African collaboration track, taken from EL‘s freshly released Mixtape ‘Songs For Girls 2: The Crazy Love Mixtape‘. My favourite track of the excellent mixtape is the sweet ‘Crazy Love‘, in which you can hear Ice Prince (‘Aboki‘) singing alongside EL about how crazy they are in love. This tune is truly crazy, Chale!

You can listen to and download the entire mixtape for free via Soundcloud.

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‘See Me Suffer’ – E.L (Feat. Shaker)

see me suffer5

see me suffer6

see me suffer1E.L. seems to be an artist who perceives the visualizations of his songs as paramount. Each video blends perfectly with the chosen venue, pictures and concept. JUSI I LOVE crowned the video for his track ‘Kaalu‘ as the best music video from Africa in 2012.

Nana Asihene was responsible for directing the video for his latest masterpiece ‘See Me Suffer‘. The video was shot at Elimna Castle, a historical site near Cape Coast, Ghana, which is connected to the Transatlantic slave trade that endured from 15th to the 19th century in West Africa.

The track itself is crazy, Chale! An excellent arrangements of instruments and a great pop-like refrain sung by his fresh label mate Shaker, who was signed by BBnZ Live just some days ago. Put on your earphones, increase the volume and listen to this banger!

E.L.  *-*  ‘See Me Suffer‘ (Feat. Shaker)

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JUSI I LOVE – Top 15 Music Videos 2012

TOP 15 MUSIC VIDEOSSince some years now high quality music videos have contributed a lot to the expansion of the African music market. Many African artists have started to use this instrument very successfully. It seems like that every year the level for music videos is set up one stage higher in many African countries. Although, generally, Nigerian, South African artists still prove to have a higher quantity of excellent videos, high quality visualizations are being produced in a growing number of African countries. East Africa has shown an exceptional rise in this aspect.

The quality of a music video is not only defined by the video itself but in how well the music is communicated through the video. Beautiful pictures alone do not make a great video, they need to be connected to melodies and lyrics of the song.

Check here JUSI I LOVE’s list of the best 15 Music Videos that have been produced in 2012:

Note: If any of the following video is blocked in your country please install Youtube Unblocker to unblock the video. You can then watch the video on youtube.


1. EL  *-*  ‘Kaalu‘ (Ghana) 

Directed by Pascal Aka/ Concept by BBnZ Live


2. The Very Best *-*  ‘Yoshua Alikuti‘ (Malawi/ UK) 

Directed by Village Beat & Johan Hugo

Behind the Scenes: Making of ‘Yoshua Alikuti‘ video


3. P-Square *-*  ‘Alingo‘ (Nigeria) 

Directed by Clarence Peters & Jude Engees Okoye


4. The Very Best *-*  ‘Kondaine‘  (Feat. Seye) (Malawi/ UK) 

Directed by Village Beat

Behind the Scenes: Making of ‘Kondaine‘ video


5. Efya *-*  ‘Getaway‘ (Ghana)

Directed by Sonny Addo


6. Fuse ODG *-*  ‘Antenna‘ Competition Entries (Ghana/ UK) 

Team London (Kurty Swift & Uncle CT) & Team Manchester (Tracy & KB)

Interview with both dance teams about their videos

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E.L. releases video for ‘Kaalu’

This video is one of the best videos so far produced in 2012. EL drops the visuals for his Azonto tune ‘Kaalu‘ and surprises us with an fusion of Japanese and Chinese culture with Ghanaian Azonto music. Is it because of the Chinese’ growing influence in Africa or the Azonto influence on Asian immigrants in Ghana? We don’t know. The video actually starts with EL bashing a bourgeois festivity (reminds us on Wiz kid‘s ‘Pakurumo‘) and bringing some Azonto into the place which eventually makes everybody dancing.

The concept of the video was written by BBnZ Live and the video itself was directed by Pascal Aka. Great job!

Azonto is NOT dead

E.L.  *-*  ‘Kaalu


“Turn the Lights Down” – EL

Last-Plane-To-Lagos called it one of the best videos they have seen since a very long time. It is definitely a nice video in which Ghanaian rapper EL proves his rap abilities. He belongs to the Ghanaian label Akwaaba.

Watch, enjoy and turn the lights down …

EL  *-*  “Turn the Lights Down

H/T: Last-Plane-To-Lagos

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