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‘See Me Suffer’ – E.L (Feat. Shaker)

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see me suffer1E.L. seems to be an artist who perceives the visualizations of his songs as paramount. Each video blends perfectly with the chosen venue, pictures and concept. JUSI I LOVE crowned the video for his track ‘Kaalu‘ as the best music video from Africa in 2012.

Nana Asihene was responsible for directing the video for his latest masterpiece ‘See Me Suffer‘. The video was shot at Elimna Castle, a historical site near Cape Coast, Ghana, which is connected to the Transatlantic slave trade that endured from 15th to the 19th century in West Africa.

The track itself is crazy, Chale! An excellent arrangements of instruments and a great pop-like refrain sung by his fresh label mate Shaker, who was signed by BBnZ Live just some days ago. Put on your earphones, increase the volume and listen to this banger!

E.L.  *-*  ‘See Me Suffer‘ (Feat. Shaker)

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