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‘Malukayi’ & ‘Kala’ – Mbongwana Star

Mbongwana StarHere comes a new band from Kinshasa (DRC) with a revolutionary sound that makes the term ‘genre’ obsolete. The Mbongwana Star (Mbongwana means ‘Change’ in Lingala) fuse Funk, Rock and Congolese sounds not minding any musical borders or limits. Their first released track ‘Malukayi‘ – which feautres Konono No.1 –  is an ever vibrating melange of electronic melodies, drum beats, guitar riffs and Lingala chants.

The b&w-video for the tune paced tune ‘Kala‘, shot on Kinshasa’s streets, is an excellent visualization of Mbongwana Star’s sound. The tune surprises with an incredible speed and continuous changes.

You can purchase the single ‘Malukayi‘ via World Circuit. Their debut album ‘1.000.000 C’est quoi?’ will be released this coming May and they will tour in the Netherlands, Belgium and France in April/ May (Tour dates).

Mbongwana Star  *-*  ‘Kala

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