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African music for peace: Native Sun for ‘Voices for Syria’

1277604_499460096811514_425072222_oNot having any family roots or direct connection to Syria does not prevent UK-based group Native Sun to use their most powerful means, their voice, to speak for peace in Syria. I really admire the sociopolitical conscious of their musical mission. Native Sun will participate in the initiative ‘Voices for Syria‘ giving four concerts in the UK (London, Sheffield, Manchester & Glascow, 3rd-6th October) along with four other acts. In a recent interview with Acatasia once again Sarina Leah explained their world-changing approach:

“We aim to better our lifestyles, how we live, how we think, how we feel, how we can prepare a better world for the future generations to come. Our music is a piece of a massive shift in humanity’s desire for us to be rid of war, greed and power control, corruption, complete ignorance and dismissal of the value of people’s lives, animal, sea, plant life … and so forth. Balance is key… negative things live side by side with positive but if positivity had more visibility on our TV screens, conversations, positive life in general would far outweight the negative and be more effective in all our lives. Music is a powerful tool for change in the minds and hearts of people this is important to us to share. It can heal and bring hope.”


Listen here to three inspirational songs or “tools for change in the minds and hearts of people”:

Native Sun  *-*  ‘Gallery of Dreams(purchase via bandcamp)

Native Sun  *-*  ‘Senses(purchase via bandcamp)

Native Sun  *-*  ‘Lightness of Happiness(purchase via bandcamp)


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Native Sun drops video for “Lightness of Happiness”

Native Sun (the duo from London I have introduced to you some weeks ago) has released a video of another song from their released LP ‘Indigenous Soundwaves‘: ‘Lightnes of Happines‘ is another soulful and inspirational Hip Hop piece from them.

Native Sun  *-*  ‘Lightness of Happiness

Download their “Anthem” for free here:

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Introducing: Native Sun

I truly love this group’s ambition. Native Sun‘s artistic aim: Promoting a positive message of Universal Peace, Equality, Social Justice and Environmental Change. That’s what the world needs, Wonderful! The duo consists of Mozambique-born rapper Mohammed Yahya and Sarina Leah who has Caribbean roots. Musically, the London-based duo fuses Hip Hop with African rhythms. “Gallery of Dreams” is a soulfoul Hip Hop piece packed with inspiration for all the youths out there who want to pursue their dreams.

“…  and if you fall down, you have to rise up again. It’s time for a change. Shake off your fears and replace them with faith. Strife for perfection at your own pace …”


Check their album “Indigenous Soundwaves down here, right after watching the video.

Native Sun  *-*  “Gallery of Dreams


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