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‘Eponaba’ – Roberto



Eponaba3It’s unfortunate that many do not know about Zambian’s vibrant music scene. There are many talented artists the world needs to know about. JUSI I LOVE has so far featured songs of following artists: Alpha RomeoChisamo, Mampi, Mutinta, Scarlet, Wezi and Zone Fam. Today, I would like to show you Roberto‘s Afro-Pop love track ‘Eponaba‘ (Am There), which he released four months ago. The Zambian music star recently dropped the visuals for the track. Watch the video below!

Roberto  *-*  ‘Eponaba(FREE Download via reverbnation)

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Introducing: Wezi

Wezi Photo By Ethan KAED Photography-1 copyRecently I have received some information from a reader about an amazing Zambian soul artist I should check out. The reader proved right. In todays African music business there is a tendency that only the loudest receive attention although there are many excellent African artists out there who combine soulful and melodious tunes with very meaningful and socially relevant lyrics. Wezi is such a special artist.

Born & Raised in the Zambian town of Ndola Victoria Wezi Mhone realised very early her talent for music. She started writing poems and her own songs when she was only 11 years old and in the primary school she served as the leader of a music group called Scripture Union.

So far she has released the amazing Afro-Soul songs ‘Nipulumuseni‘, ‘Tichitenji‘ and the hit ‘Ambuya‘, which was visualized by Ethan Kaed.

In the T-Sean produced song ‘Ambuya‘ she is praying a beautiful tribute to her Grand mother. While in the chorus she sings about the journey they took as grandmother and granddaughter and the moments they share together at home & on the road.


Wezi  *-*  ‘Ambuya’ (FREE Download via Soundcloud)

Wezi  *-*  ‘Tichitenji(FREE Download via Soundcloud)

Wezi  *-*  ‘Nipulumuseni (FREE Download via Soundcloud)

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‘Chipolopolo – Pompi, Mag44, Tio & Abel Chungu

As the Euro-Cup comes to an end and the Spanish team is busy celebrating, it reminded me about the recent Africa-Cup and the Zambians who brought the trophy to Lusaka. Four Zambian rappers (Pompi, Mag44, Tio and Abel Chungu) teamed up and produced this song and excellent video to support their Chipolopolo-squad … the team responded by bringing home the trophy. That’s effective support. Will other African artists copy the idea for the African Cup of Nations 2013 in South Africa?

Pompi, Mag44, Tio and Abel Chungu  *-*  ‘Chipolopolo

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